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Gary Rowell

Waterford, CA - United States








Gary Rowell

Waterford, CA - United States

Gary Rowell - Fine Artist

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June 13th, 2009







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About Gary Rowell

I am a prophetic artist. Meaning that I paint as I am inspired by God. Inspiration can come through various means, dreams and visions primarily. Then I paint the image as simply as possible. Most of the works displayed were painted during worship service at my church in 30 minute segments, so I have to work fast and simple, often in poor light. But the joy of the experience is greater than the problems confronted. I'm often surprised when the lights come up after worship and I am able to see what I have painted. After this I take them home and work the problems out and refine the composition.
I have learned that it is very beneficial to study the works and methods of other artists, it is a fool that ignores the resources that past generations and current artists make available. When I began to glean from other artists, I rapidly began to solve many of the problems I had been struggling with in my art.
I will continue to learn and refine my gift forever, it is my joy to bring to life the images that live in me and to share them with you.
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