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George Brooks

San Jose , CA - United States








George Brooks

San Jose , CA - United States

George Brooks - Fine Artist

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About George Brooks

As you browse my site you will quickly realize that I have three subjects that drive my passion and therefore art: people, sports, and the world around us. I am a collector of Sports Memorabilia and create sports paintings for the memorabilia market. I look to combine my love of painting people with my love for sports of all types. And I also look to paint the beauty of the world around us.

Sports Portraits:
My ultimate goal is to capture the spirit of the athlete in action. To use the “Wide World of Sports,” introduction that I grew up watching, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” and all emotions in between displayed by athletes in action.

We make the world go round and nothing is more uplifting and beautiful then the people in our lives. I try to capture the emotion of people in my paintings and or the emotions that certain visual moments can invoke in those who want to capture those moments forever.

Landscapes and Seascapes:
Nothing is mor inspiring then the world around us and the natural beauty of the world that God has given us. I try to capture this in my paintings but also find man made objects to be inspiring and a reflection of the soul.

I am a self-taught artist who has has been drawing since I could hold a pencil and can remember. Painting is a discipline I have taught myself through countless hours of practice, reading, watching, and viewing the art of others. I have always had pictures in my mind and have found that Watercolors allow me to best express those pictures in a 2 dimensional form for others to see. I use a variety of techniques and paper media in creating my pieces. Last and most importantly to me, God has given me this talent on top of every thing else he has provided. He has given me the ability to see what others might not and to share my vision with others. I sign each piece in praise of him.

I appreciate your taking the time to see what I do and who I am. I hope that you found this site because of your love of sports and the athletes that we admire and the games that dreams are made of.

Thank you,

George Brooks

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