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George Combs

Pasadena, CA - United States








George Combs

Pasadena, CA - United States

George Combs - Fine Artist

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About George Combs

George Combs is an artist whose murals and portraits are visible throughout Pasadena and Altadena. George was born in Los Angeles, California in 1946. He began painting at the age of 6. At age 22, he attended Pasadena City College where he developed basic art techniques in painting and drawing. He has collaborated with many artists, art centers and schools over the past 20 years, expanding and exploring his professional pursuit in the field of art.

He worked painting professionally with Gannett & Pacific Outdoor Advertising, company painting Billboards for over 13 years, creating patterns for the Hollywood sign, painting for their clients, such as Oprah, Smokey Robinson, painting professionally and earning his living from art instruction, exhibitions, consignments, free-lance and family portraits Tony Guinn, Phil Hawkey, Shaquille O’neil. He has been painting professionally and earning his living from art instruction, exhibitions, consignments, free-lance and family portraits.

George is very aware of form, color and composition and how they work together to create a visual sensation. He works with oils, acrylics, water colors and mixed-disciplinary art forms of drawing. His versatility is amazing and includes murals and ceramics. He shares his talents with young students, the mentally challenged, and at-risk youth he instructs.

Mastering a medium he’s using at the time is an on-going obsession with him. He has several distinct styles of artistic expression, refusing to be confined to any one style. George was very much influenced by Salvador Dali.

Artist Statement

Life’s diversity is reflected in my work, images of positivism and spiritually, blended with social injustices and influences with surrealistic overtones. Mastering the mediums, pushing the process to the limit, not confined to any one approach, constantly challenging oneself to create a body of works that derive from reality.

The sculptures depict substance of humanity having freedom to bring life to clay forming, shaping, molding and manipulating the expressions of the object into a new form of life. My work depict positive achievements of all people with positive outlooks and are communicated through the painting and sculptures of my body of works.

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