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George Ramos

Canton, ME - United States

George Ramos - Fine Artist

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About George Ramos

I give thanks to God, the Creator, for giving me the ability to appreciate God's wondrous works that abound all around us and declare the glory of God. I am grateful for the talent to make artworks whether they are drawings, paintings, sculptures, assemblages, photography, or printed works. I see my humble role as a sub-creator, as Os Guinness has stated so well in the book, INVITATION TO THE CLASSICS. I follow the Creator's lead and go from there, as a child at liberty to enjoy the profundity of wonder, imagination, exploration, experimentation, and play. My process of creating is governed by the worldview where a loving God made man in His own image, and because of this a human being has intrinsic value regardless of station or condition of life. Although my worldview sees man as a special creature, I also acknowledge that man is fallen, and as a consequence, is a sojourner in a fallen world on many levels. Having said all this, I am most grateful that God didn't leave us hanging in our desperate state. He gave us man's only hope, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashia, the Son of man.

It is written in the Hebrew scriptures 'in thy light we shall see light'. And it is light that 'makes manifest' and reveals. There are different kinds of light and multifarious apparatuses by which we can detect and translate into visible light images that we can see with the eyes, and through the eyes. We are enabled, as it were, to gain some insight into other realms of seeing and develop an outlook of being a sentient human being that is able to appreciate, aspire to, yearn for and learn about that which is not seen, but invisible, and that which is not temporal, but eternal and universal. My experience in the U.S. Navy as an Infrared Detection System Technician has allowed me to see that there are other wavelengths of light, such as infrared, that can be detected and made visible to the human eye and brain with the right equipment. NASA has produced many spectacular composite images using X-ray, radio waves, visible light, and infrared detector systems. On you may view a recent phenomenal display produced this summer of 2014 by Spiral Galaxy Messier 106, also known as NGC 4258. Scientific technology has opened up new worlds that were once unseen, both in the macrocosm and the microcosm of the expansive universe, that supposedly is made up of approximately two-thirds dark matter( which is not visible to the human 'naked' eye). There's so much more we don't know, and what we do know and discover leads us to further exploration, and evokes a deepening respect and awe of the beauty that is somehow received and perceived by the combined workings of the body and soul.

Taking all these things into account, therefore, my most recent and ongoing body of work involves creating images from digital photographic captures that are edited using the IPHOTO program which came with my MAC MINI. These images can look like digital woodcuts, lithographs, or even have the transparent and translucent quality of watercolors. The process entails photographing the most ordinary of things, experimenting, and discovering serendipitously an image that's satisfying or disturbing. It's much like the experience when a child discovers that the moment an adult fills a small limp rubber balloon with helium and becomes a bright spherical wonder that levitates to great heights. This whole affair brings great joy to the child at first. But when the child sees the balloon disappear into the heavens, the child is saddened. The excitement is fleeting, until he learns that a simple string can keep the balloon within bounds, and the experience of seeing a balloon floating in the air can be enjoyed for a little while longer. And as such is the business of making art and sharing the experience with others for the little while that we have on this earth.

Since a child in a warm and loving family, I was nurtured in a spiritual environment which lent itself to creativity and imagination. Arts and crafts were greatly encouraged, and so were other the academic subjects. I received superb instruction from caring teachers, coaches, Scout leaders, professors, mentors, military and electronics instructors at the following respective institutions of learning:

Nolan Elementary School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, 1963

San Juan Convent Elementary School, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1963

St. Bernard's Elementary School, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA, 1964-1971

Boy Scouts of America, Nashua Valley Council, Lancaster, MA 1971-1975

St. Bernard's C.C. High school, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA , Class of 1975

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Class of 1979

Acacia Fraternity, Cayuga Heights, New York 1977-1979

U.S.A. Navy 1980 - 2000

I have exhibited and sold some works in various venues, such as, the Pennacook Art Center Gallery, that was located on Congress Street, Rumford, Maine when it had it's own gallery space. A few of my paintings and sculptures are in private collections. A great deal of the large scale murals and backdrops have been painted for the public benefit, such as Vacation Bible School, dramas, and displays at the Rumford Town Hall Auditorium and Key Bank in Rumford, Maine. Teaching art and creativity has been a part of my life which has allowed me to pass the torch to the next generations. Thanks for reading, fellow traveller and sojourner. Enjoy the art. Walk in beauty, as the Navajos say. Gratefully, George Ramos.

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