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Gerhard Beck

Holstein - Germany








Gerhard Beck

Holstein - Germany

Gerhard Beck - Fine Artist

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About Gerhard Beck

In the mid-nineties, Gerhard Beck started to draw. He has had three exhibitions until now, one in Essen and two in Berlin. His works are created spontaneously, ad hoc, during the process of drawing. First of all, there is chaos, disorientedness, amorphousness, impalpableness, uncertainty. Anything is possible. For the time being there is nothing that gives hold; no one who makes a decision. Gerhard Beck creates consciously from the unconscious. The absolute spontaneity is the sole creative principle… The experience obtained in the process of drawing is of central importance. The accomplished drawing is a result of an absorption, of an open process. Obstructions and mental controls are surmounted and solved. There is direct access to feelings and to the irrational without the intervening of the mind.. The aim is to reach the sources of one’s own creativity and intuition which organicly form an image of inner consistence. His works are absorptions and processes of convergency that are intented to read in his subconsciousness and to report of which there are no words for.

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