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Gerri Rowan

Gallatin, TN - United States








Gerri Rowan

Gallatin, TN - United States

Gerri Rowan - Fine Artist

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About Gerri Rowan

Thank you for visiting my online art gallery

I am an artist that draws with colored markers.Sharpies seem to be what I use most I am also a published singer /songwriter,and jewelry designer.,living in Gallatin Tennessee .I am originally born and raised above the Mason Dixon line in Massachusetts ,but have been in the south over twenty five years and love it !
I have always been attracted to eyes...,even as a young child I would draw faces and eyes.fascinated with expressions. seeing so much in a look ....,. 'Eyes are the window to the soul'
I read somewhere that 'Expressionism.. is art that is more associated with emotion or feeling than with literal interpretation of a subject. Expressionistic art uses vivid colors, distortion, two-dimensional subjects that lack perspective. It is created to express the emotions of the artists as well as produce an emotional response of the viewer. I think much of my work falls under that category.

I studied life drawing back in the early 70's. at Rhode Island School Of Design.other than that ,no other formal training .

I grew up in the late 60's early 70's.LOVED that era!

The older I get ,the younger I seem to become in spirit...that inner child in me is coming out to play more often , especially in my drawings.

I heard somewhere ...that when Picasso was asked about his paintings and how they had changed and evolved over the years...he replied...When I was a child ,I painted like an adult,..but as an adult ,,,I paint like a child!

Thank you for taking the time to view my drawings,,,and I hope you enjoy !


With Love, light and peace!

Gerri Rowan

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