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Gh FiLben

Saint Louis, MO - United States








Gh FiLben

Saint Louis, MO - United States

Gh FiLben - Fine Artist

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About Gh FiLben

Born in Glen Dale, West Virginia, gh fiLben studied art at an early age. He loved the self abstract expressionism that painting allowed. He graduated from John Marshall High School and West Virginia University. gh fiLben has an original 48x60x1 abstract, acrylic and mixed media on canvas called 'One Green Circle' hanging proudly in the Student Services Building on the WVU campus. Now residing in St. Louis, Missouri, he considers himself a self taught artist who works in a wide variety of mediums. His explosive paintings, mixed media art and recycled junk mini-sculptures are self representing and unconventional. His stylistic leanings resembles several artists such as Wool, Baselitz and Pollock. gh likes to use his 1800's era beer bottle to create his mysterious circles that can be found throughout his many paintings and gives him his unique 'identity'. 'My process for me is emotional. I like to sit in my studio, with soft music playing in the background and stare at the blank canvas. This allows for my deep thoughts and the creation process to spill out of me. It is very therapeutic.'

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Run Run by Gh FiLben


Easter Lily Flower Garden by Gh FiLben


Nothin' But A Dreamer by Gh FiLben


Goodbye Stranger by Gh FiLben


American Mornin' Flower Garden by Gh FiLben


There's A Storm Comin' by Gh FiLben


I've Got Your Back by Gh FiLben


Rte 86/88 Closed by Gh FiLben


Samo by Gh FiLben


Crime Of The Century by Gh FiLben


Lavender Flower Garden by Gh FiLben


Crazy Happy by Gh FiLben


What's Up Chuck by Gh FiLben


The Bluebird Express by Gh FiLben


Oh Heavenly Father by Gh FiLben


Picket Fence Flower Garden by Gh FiLben


Red Poles and Circles by Gh FiLben


Be Happy by Gh FiLben


In The Shade by Gh FiLben


Shadow Dancing by Gh FiLben


Sunnyside by Gh FiLben


A Red Red Rose by Gh FiLben


Ice Cold by Gh FiLben


Borderline by Gh FiLben

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   |   Images = 84





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