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Gina Cordova

Monte Vista, CO - United States








Gina Cordova

Monte Vista, CO - United States

Gina Cordova - Fine Artist

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About Gina Cordova

Gina was born and raised in Alamosa, Colorado where her love for art began. As a very young girl, while traveling through the mountains, she envisioned through the window of the car, a painting of the beautiful Colorado scenery. The car window was her frame.

Gina began her art career as an oil painter. She studied with a local artist in Southern California for several years. Her subjects were mostly barns, seascapes and flowers.

After 25 years of producing many art pieces, having children and facing lifeís challenges, Gina retired her paint brushes and picked up a camera. It was then she found a new love.

In her photography, Gina shows profound passion in her creativity. You can sense her world of imagination and inspiration. She describes the revelation as a moment that can happen at any time, at any place. She has said that there's an incredible sense of peace being behind her camera. Photography has taught her to be in the present.

Gina delights in working with saturated colors. It brings a unique dimension to her photography and paintings. Itís real, yet surreal. Some of her images are printed on materials such as metal, acrylic and canvas, which have proven to make a distinctive statement.

Gina has been a photographer for nearly 20 years. She currently resides in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. In addition to her photography, she has re-found her love for painting once again and is painting non-stop!

Many of her art pieces have been purchased by international and domestic collectors.

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Hot Chili by Gina Cordova


Colorful Spice by Gina Cordova

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