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Ginette Callaway

Lovejoy, GA - United States








Ginette Callaway

Lovejoy, GA - United States

Ginette Callaway - Fine Artist

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About Ginette Callaway

I am an independent, self supporting artist, working full time on my art.
Full time means about on average 12 hours a day seven days a week.
I have not had a non working vacation in over 10 year. Luckily I love painting, I love art, I love what I do. I also have three rescue cats, one is chronically ill and has to be hand nourished three to five times a day. I live every day as if it is my last. Art and creating is a release for me. On my blank canvas or paper, I can create any world I like. Thank you for purchasing my art.

My website is

I was born in Alsace France and from childhood on, I had Art and a Love for Nature and beauty in my blood. In my younger years I traveled and saw a bit of the world. I worked for CBS Records (Now SONY) in Frankfurt Germany before making the move to the US. After moving to the Unites States, I ended up becoming self employed as an artist.

I prefer self employed over unemployed. My education from Germany was not sufficient for getting a halfway good paying employment here in the US and my age now would be prohibitive to getting employed anyway. In other words I am too old for the marketplace.

So I will happily continue doing what I love most anyway, which is create and be an outsider artist so to speak!

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