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Ginger Denning

Seattle, WA - United States








Ginger Denning

Seattle, WA - United States

Ginger Denning - Fine Artist

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Nature & Art have been a part of my life from a very young age. In Junior High, I created art for our school paper and entered my art at the fair. I went to college and received a BA. Later film photography began to interest me and I took a few classes. While working at CBS, a photographer took me under his wings and taught me about shooting pictures, as well as, the dark room. It's more recent that I started digital photography. In taking pictures, I am not as cautious as in film and have more fun experimenting. Today I like capturing the patterns & textures in everyday things or finding a new perspective of something familiar. Just like in the dark room its exciting to see what I have capture when I load it on the computer. Some of my pictures I alter to enhance a feeling or give the photo more depth and story. I am an Astrologer as well and have incorporated my photos in this work. I create seasonal slide shows for inspiration. The rhythm of the planets that are followed in Astrology brings us back to our natural cycles of nature. When I am taking pictures, I can't help but notice these same cycles. I hope in sharing my photos and my astrology one will see the beauty & importance of nature's rhythms. Life is a very visual experience for me and one I continue to explore & share. Hopefully my photos and my website, link above, inspire a reconnection to nature & her rhythms. Thanks for looking or buying if you are so moved.

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