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Glenn Calloway

New Braunfels, tx - United States








Glenn Calloway

New Braunfels, tx - United States

Glenn Calloway - Fine Artist

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About Glenn Calloway

Passion is an undeniable force that pushes and drives the artistís spirit to create. As an Artist, I believe that we must compose our work in such a manner as to invite the observer into our passionate creative process, thus demanding the observer to define, in their hearts and minds, the meaning of the work before them.

My sincere belief is that a work of art is not completed until the observer participates in its creation. This is accomplished by including their visual interpolation of the piece being observed. Until this happens the art is nothing more than a contrived and organized piece created by a certain media. I push myself to give my observer passionate content that ignites feelings and new thoughts.

An artist (began at the age 3) , actor and director of film and theatre (began at the age to twenty-two) and a manager in Telecommunications for twenty-seven years I have continually attempted to instill passion into all I do, including each day that I am gifted with life.

'Glenn, your artwork kidnaps me every time I look at it because there is so much to see and think about when one sees it. That, to me, is real art. Anyone can paint a bowl of fruit or a landscape, but one who can paint a picture that kidnaps and holds for ransom the observer is real art. You are more than talented, you are gifted.'

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