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Glenn McCurdy

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Glenn McCurdy

Elkins Park, PA - United States

Glenn McCurdy - Fine Artist

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About Glenn McCurdy

Both challenged and inspired by the brilliant images of French master Henri Cartier-Bresson while working for the Paris Herald Tribune in the 1960s, Glenn McCurdy's free-lance photography from Europe began appearing on magazine covers all over America. These early photos were used to illustrate freelance articles he wrote, articles that focused on a variety of subjects including the dropout 'generation' in France, European conmen who prey on tourists and the bizarre life of a Latin lover in Rome.
Bresson's gift underscored the power of a single image, captured at a critical moment. With this in mind McCurdy began to approach his craft with much more care. Limited funds, even when developing his own film, kept him to only 10 or 12 exposures each day using a medium format twin-lense Rolliflex. With every picture he tried to capture the right moment, with the best lighting and composition....frequently waiting hours for the existingl light to fully establish each scene. And the challenge became... would these images touch the heart and/or mind of an uninvolved observer?
He returned to the states and began a career in film for ABC television as a writer, director, shooter and producer based upon his still photography background. The influence of Bresson continued but now through the lenses of various 16mm movie cameras at 24 frames a second. During the 1970s the unit invented certain special effects like high-speed slow motion and subjective rides using retrofited World War II 'gun' cameras. Six documentaries won Golden Globe awards. Two films, 'Heavyweight Incorporated' a top rated primetime hour show on heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, and ''Winning on My Mind' which covered amateur auto racing, were named 'best ever done' in their specific sports, by Sports Illustrated and Car & Driver magazines respectively. During these years in film-making he had the honor and good luck of working with three Academy Award winners: Henry Fonda, Paul Newman and Jack Palance. After ABC he formed his own multi-media film company, Moments in Time. He also kept taking cover photos and writing for a variety of clients including almost every newspaper (weekly or daily) and magazine in the Philadelphia area. Several of these features, including one on the Beatles and another on a unique Ginness record-setting cyclist (wrong-way Wooten) won top honors in the annual Keystone Press competition.
A graduate in philosophy from Haverford College, he returned in the 1970s as an associate professor in fine arts, teaching courses in both photography and film-making. While building a passive solar 2nd home in N. Cape May during the 1990s he added Delaware Bay life to a growing collection of photographs. Today he lives in Elkins Park, Pa. and is married to Deborah, a retired teacher, ceramic artist and distance runner. They have three grown children and five grandchildren. After years of training they both qualified for and finished the Boston Marathon in under 3:30 before graduating to medium tri-athlons. All images in this collection are copy-writed and may not be used without written permission. For signed custom prints please contact the photographer.


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