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When I upload images of my artworks in this site, the site automatically reveals the sizes of images for printing for you to order. However, to avoid cancellation of your orders, you may choose somewhere 10'x14' size range, smaller or bigger, since not all the images I uploaded (like most early artworks) carry the big resolution necessary for clear printing, as FAA demands. Also, please be assured that FAA will not en-cash your payment if the art print you ordered has not been delivered. If they do, kindly inform me immediately so I can write to them. Although it will take a lot of time, I will continue to re-size all the artworks to prevent cancellation of orders.

Thank you, God bless.

GLENN A. BAUTISTA / Visual Artist
Cell Phone: 469-964-8328

About the Artist:

GLENN A. BAUTISTA was born on March 20, 1947 in Orion, Bataan, a province in Central Luzon, Philippines made infamous by the 1942 Bataan Death March. Glenn is the seventh of nine children in the family, all reared in the faith tradition of the United Methodist Church. His mother Eugenia Angeles was a deaconess, and his father, the Rev. Ignacio P. Bautista, was church minister for 39 years.

Glenn completed his education in Manila: his elementary education at the Sta. Ana Elementary School (1959); secondary education at the Union High School of Manila (1963); and college at the University of Santo Thomas (UST), the oldest existing university in Asia, and at the University of the Philippines (UP), the country’s national university and premier institution of higher learning.

In 1969, he completed a certificate course in Advertising at the UP College of Fine Arts where he was a consistent university scholar. In 1971, Glenn received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, USA. He then went to Germany in 1982 to pursue further studies in lithography at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

Glenn now resides in Houston, Texas, USA with his wife Lorna, a physiotherapist and food expert. Their son and only child David, drummer/percussionist of the band Southwind, is in the Philippines presently working for an international networking company.

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Figurescapes 2003

A series of "Nudescapes" I worked on for about a year in a collage manner fusing both the digital and the analog approaches. Although really involved in this particular creative process, I always had behind my mind to do this in a bigger scale but failed to, simply because I couldn't stop exhausting the possibilities of what this "collage and drawing approach" could offer. I created artworks onwards but opted to do bigger oils on canvas until the year 2007. What I overlooked to do is still at the back of my mind up to the present time. Who knows, maybe one day I can still unload this particular expression in a bigger scale which I have always imagined to be a fun thing to do. The "Nudescape" series collection is still with me. I have had no interest in having any solo exhibition nor participate in any art exhibition and, I guess, this is still true 'til the present time. At present, I am still enjoying the creative process and have been selling a few works enough to keep me and my family going, expressing my brand of art in its minimum. My special thanks to FAA and the internet for making it possible for me to share my artworks in an efficient manner. Congratulations, FAA!

Glenn Bautista - Mandalanudecomp 2003

Mandalanudecomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - Line Nude 1977

Line Nude 1977

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #1 Stagenudecomp 2003

#1 Stagenudecomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #2 Handscomp 2003

#2 Handscomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #6 Innocence 2003

#6 Innocence 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #7 Bikiniscape 2003

#7 Bikiniscape 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #8 The All Seeing Eye

#8 The All Seeing Eye

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #9 Nude Traveler

#9 Nude Traveler

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #10 Feeding Breasts

#10 Feeding Breasts

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #12 Pleasure

#12 Pleasure

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #13 Wallnudecomp 2003

#13 Wallnudecomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #14 At the Beach

#14 At the Beach

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #18 Jarnudecomp 2003

#18 Jarnudecomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #20 Reclining Nude

#20 Reclining Nude

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #21 Plantnude 2003

#21 Plantnude 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #22 Centerednude 2003

#22 Centerednude 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #23 For a Swim 2003

#23 For a Swim 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #24 Bubblenude 2003

#24 Bubblenude 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #25 Twinude 2003

#25 Twinude 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #28 Drumnudecomp 2003

#28 Drumnudecomp 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #29 Twinude 2003

#29 Twinude 2003

Glenn Bautista

Glenn Bautista - #30 Twinude 2003

#30 Twinude 2003

Glenn Bautista

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