Gloria Rothrock - Fine Artist

Gloria Rothrock

Sedona, AZ - United States








Gloria Rothrock

Sedona, AZ - United States

Gloria Rothrock - Fine Artist

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About Gloria Rothrock

My studio where the Serenity Sisters & Buddha Brothers are created is a sacred space for me. Each piece takes me on an exciting journey as I ask Spirit how it would like to manifest. I work intuitively, trusting I will be guided during each step of the creative process. Usually a piece is started by covering the canvas with torn newspaper. Besides being an act of recycling, this gives depth and texture. It is also symbolic of the unrelenting bombardment of information demanding our attention each day.

Each image is carefully developed over a period of three to four weeks using many layers of varnish, acrylic paints, oil crayons, ink, and fabrics such as African mud cloth. The faces are executed with a simplicity of line that conveys both strength and stillness. Each Sister or Brother emerges with a unique look and personality all their own. They are depicted with their eyes closed as they are looking inward to connect with their still, quiet voice within. This reflects my own journey of learning to go inside and listen to Spirit, which is my source of strength, courage, creativity, and power.

Our culture explores the farthest reaches of outer space yet fails to encourage people to explore their inner universe. My hope is that each viewer that comes in contact with this series will be reminded that they have an inner world to explore and utilize. I want to elevate the viewer to a higher level of awareness about the Divine resources they possess.

In Oneness,

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