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Gordon Larson

Yucca Valley, CA - United States








Gordon Larson

Yucca Valley, CA - United States

Gordon Larson - Fine Artist

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About Gordon Larson

Most to all of the work is for sale, contact as needed for inquiry; prints, giclee productions, and originals

Fine Art works: Informal imagery and Neoclassical figurative work-both in drawing and painting, photographic studies in desert landscapes, digital imaging, and some erotic digital photography.
• Bachelors (BA) in Art from Hunter College, Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York City, NY part of CUNY. Standardized studies with human and mythological figurative art as the focus.
• Masters (MA) in Studio Art with specialization in Art Education and Art History from CSULA in Los Angeles. This Masters was a hybrid of a dissertation/thesis inclusive of a fine art gallery show; the first post-graduate to select this option at the University.
• Two California Clear Teaching Credentials with English Language Acquisition (current) inclusive of Elementary Multiple Subjects, and Art in Secondary Education. GATE Certified.

• Retired in 2003: Now a Retired Educator in Art and Multiple Subjects Teaching including Gifted and Talented Education.
• Post Retirement: Currently teaching K-5 only in Palm Springs (PSUSD) and in (DSUSD) La Quinta, CA. I have also taught at two local community colleges; Associate Art Professor at the Community College level, and Adjunct Faculty at two different Colleges near my home. Additional Expertise: Positioned with the US Marine Corps Department of Defense as the Aquatic Facility Operator; and the American Red Cross Authorized Provider for all aquatic health and safety courses. AFAA Personal Trainer certificated.
As a visual artist, my abilities and talents fall into two distinct paradigms, both relate to corporal aesthetics and beauty. I am a figurative artist- focused primarily in photography, drawing, painting, and digital media. My artwork is aligned in academia and mythology prioritized in figuration. My sports and athletics have produced a healthy lifestyle; most one man shows have been in Universities or in a gymnasium located in Los Angeles. Accustomed to East Coast Ivy League and European patronage due to its academic nature and neoclassic contextualization, I’ve expanded my artistic horizons through sabbatical studies in Fine Art Museums throughout Western Europe: Le Louvre and the Victoria and Albert in particular. My teaching experience in Art history gave me an intimate global view of the art world. Neo Platonic theory is highly inspirational to my classical training. My favorite Painter is Charles Le Brun and my favorite sculptor is Antonio Canova, whose Master works are both found in Paris and London. I have spent brief periods or up to a month in each to work in the museums to drawing directly from the artwork, and to photograph it for future painting here in the US.
I reside adjacent to the Northwest corner of Joshua Tree National Park at 4000 feet above sea level in the high desert mountains of the Mojave Desert, half way up to and near Big Bear, CA (San Bernardino Mountain range, a half an hour from Palm Springs; two hours from San Diego and the Los Angeles beaches).
A list of favorite readings: John Boswell, Ovid, Homer, Abraham Maslow, Mary Renault, Andrew Holleran, and Charles Silverstein.
My personal priorities: Music plays a large part of my daily inspiration, especially when exercising, and creating art.
My ARTWORK is not available in galleries; only through this site/venue may originals or prints be purchased. If you see something of interest, please feel free to contact me directly. Prices vary greatly, thus I suggest a complete portfolio viewing; the albums/galleries and photos within the site do not always clearly delineate my work (size, color, perspective, depth and light, etc. are always subject to distortion- megabit size limitations etc.) but many are very close to accurate and clear depiction. I can ship, and receive payments from purchasers globally. Hours are flexible; I’m open to meet and discuss the foregoing enumerated requisites. PayPal and credit cards are welcome.

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Oil slick by Gordon Larson


Bearded Dragon2 by Gordon Larson


Bearded Dragon by Gordon Larson


Stone face by Gordon Larson


Barker dam 5 by Gordon Larson


Barker Dam 4 by Gordon Larson


Barker Dam 3 by Gordon Larson


Jt Bw by Gordon Larson


Jt by Gordon Larson



CA Oak by Gordon Larson


Lime Abstraction6 by Gordon Larson


Lime Abstraction 6 by Gordon Larson


Lime Abstraction5 by Gordon Larson


Lime abstraction 5 by Gordon Larson


Lime Abstraction 3 by Gordon Larson


Lime abstraction2 by Gordon Larson


Lime Abstraction by Gordon Larson


Desert Flower14 by Gordon Larson


Desert Flowers 12 by Gordon Larson


JT flowers by Gordon Larson


Cholla3 by Gordon Larson


JT reaching to sky by Gordon Larson


Joshua Tree by Gordon Larson


Desert Flowers 10 by Gordon Larson


Desert Flowers 9 by Gordon Larson


Desert Flowers8 by Gordon Larson


Desert Flower 6 by Gordon Larson


Desert Flower5 by Gordon Larson


Sunrise by Gordon Larson


Cheeta by Gordon Larson


Snow Leopard by Gordon Larson


Snow Leopard by Gordon Larson


Snow Leopard by Gordon Larson


Ceeta by Gordon Larson


Irish Sea by Gordon Larson


British Sky by Gordon Larson


Castle View by Gordon Larson


London by Gordon Larson


Desert by Gordon Larson


Occotillo by Gordon Larson


Stone Face by Gordon Larson


Stone Face by Gordon Larson


Stone Abstract by Gordon Larson


Time by Gordon Larson


Stone Skull by Gordon Larson


Boulders by Gordon Larson


Stone Skull by Gordon Larson


Cholla by Gordon Larson

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