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Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix

Postojna - Slovenia








Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix

Postojna - Slovenia

Graham Hawcroft pixsellpix - Fine Artist

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Working as a commercial artist in the advertising industry gives you plenty of creative energy to produce inspiring images consistently. I have taken to landscape photography lately, both film (Hasselblad) and digital (Nikon) and enjoy experimenting with abstracts, presenting the expected in an unexpected way. One particlar aspect of abstracts is the technique of moving the camera during a long exposure in a controlled, precise manner, creating very unique images impossible to duplicate.

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April 28th, 2013

Creating a beautiful image. To create a beautiful image, doesn't necessarily mean you have to work with a beautiful model. Last week i was in Trieste, where i checked in to a railway museum. My idea that i would get some interesting shots by inv...