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Grebo Gray

Belgrade - Yugoslavia








Grebo Gray

Belgrade - Yugoslavia

Grebo Gray - Fine Artist

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About Grebo Gray

Hello! Thought I should introduce myself...I am Grebo (or Steve Gray to my mother and select members of my family!), so feel free to call me Grebo. Most of my history you do not need to know...I studied at Portsmouth Polytechnic (UK) by the sea on the south coast and got a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting, so at heart I am a painter but for the past few years photography has been my creative outlet. I do not consider myself a photographer...I have little technical knowledge and to be honest, I like it that way...this way I rely on my eye to create pictures rather than the camera. I use photoshop to adjust colours and contrast but little beyond that. In some ways I see the photos as my sketchbook and it is always a surprise that others like them which is how I ended up here after months of nagging from Facebook friends to make some prints available! There is a link below to my Grebo Photos page on Facebook if you feel so inclined to visit and 'like' or alternatively you may find my personal page, Grebo Gray, which contains many photos that will never make it on to here! I believe it says I am in Belgrade, Serbia somewhere on my profile...I currently spend my time split between Portsmouth and Belgrade, where my partner lives, which gives me a lovely chance to view different cultures. Finally, for those that like technical stuff...I use a Nikon D40x and the standard lens that came with it. Any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Snail Shells by Grebo Gray


Fish Heads 02 by Grebo Gray


Fish Heads 01 by Grebo Gray


Grebo 05 by Grebo Gray


Grebo 04 by Grebo Gray


Grebo 03 by Grebo Gray


Grebo 02 by Grebo Gray


Grebo 01 by Grebo Gray


Josephine 04 by Grebo Gray


Josephine 03 by Grebo Gray


Josephine 02 by Grebo Gray


Josephine 01 by Grebo Gray


Tito by Grebo Gray


Bubbles 07 by Grebo Gray


Bubbles 06 by Grebo Gray


Bubbles 05 by Grebo Gray


Bubbles 04 by Grebo Gray


Bubble 03 by Grebo Gray


Bubble 02 by Grebo Gray


Bubbles 01 by Grebo Gray


Pink Water 01 by Grebo Gray


Pink Water 02 by Grebo Gray


Rocks by Grebo Gray


Floor 01 by Grebo Gray

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