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Greta Redzko

Caldwell, ID - United States








Greta Redzko

Caldwell, ID - United States

Greta Redzko - Fine Artist

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About Greta Redzko

'May her ambition in art one day catch up to her excellent artistic talent.' - Mrs. Harper, H.R.H.S. Art Teacher

These are the words my art teacher, Mrs. Harper, wrote in my yearbook.

' Freaky, Beautiful, Cool '
These are the words of my bestie The Sassy one!

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I am a self taught artist. Growing up at Hampton Ponds, Massachusetts in the early 70's I was and still am inspired by Music, Nature, Animals and the love of my Friends and Family. I use any materials available for my Originals. My Originals are painted on WOOD, CANVAS, Acid Free Paper 65lb and other items. I started painting again in 2011 as a form of therapy and started painting flower pots as gifts for my friends, in the Gallery there are photos of the early pieces. My Partner in Life built a Chicken Coup so I could raise Chickens and Ducks. 3 out of the 4 panels of the Original Chicken Coup are for sale painted with Oils and House Paints.Often you will find my paintings are named after the person whom I am inspired.

Thank You for viewing Greta's Originals Art page, please leave a comment if you enjoy her work. Greta loves comments, the good the bad and the ugly! Thank you for taking the time to check out her art page.If you are interested in a painting please feel free to contact her at

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Harry by Greta Redzko


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Indian Princess by Greta Redzko


Kitchen is Closed by Greta Redzko


The Conversation by Greta Redzko


Saint by Greta Redzko


Austin City Lights by Greta Redzko


the LOOK by Greta Redzko


Zax by Greta Redzko



Bright Idea by Greta Redzko


Gianna by Greta Redzko


Miss Maty by Greta Redzko


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Wayne and Elle by Greta Redzko


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What by Greta Redzko


Baby Frankie Nuts by Greta Redzko


Haunts Me by Greta Redzko


Tortured Liberty by Greta Redzko


Love Hate by Greta Redzko

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