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Guido Borelli

Torino, Italy - Italy

Guido Borelli - Fine Artist

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Guido Borelli da Caluso

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By Debra Argen-Nesta

Artist Guido Borelli da Caluso was born in 1952, in Caluso, Italy at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Born into an artistic family, (his grandfather was a woodcarver and furniture maker, and his paternal uncle and aunt paint) young Guido first discovered painting somewhere between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. With the encouragement of his family, Guido’s first art challenge came at age 13 in the form of a public award. Although he did not win this art award, he continued to make artistic strides, and had his first personal art exhibit at the young age of 17. He received his art training at Accademia Albertina, in Turin, which was founded in 1672, at the special request of the King. Beginning with Guido’s first exhibition at the Ars Plauda Gallery in Turin, Italy in 1969, he has continued to have exhibitions around the world in Uruguay, Holland, Egypt, United Kingdom, Malta, Norway, Germany, United States, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia. In addition to these rotating exhibitions, he has permanent exhibitions at Gallery 1000 in Carmel by the Sea,CA,Atelier des artistes in Nice,France and at the Galleria d’arte Sangiorgio in Portofino, Italy.

“I am a true lover of nature and of everything gentle. My landscapes and houses combine reality and imagination. First, I store in my mind all views that I find interesting. Later, when I need a subject, those views resurface in my memory, and I paint what I selectively remember of them, with intrinsically personal modifications.” – Guido Borelli

Guido’s painting style is influenced by the Italian realistic style beginning in the 1900’s, especially by the artists Boldini and De Nittis. Inspired by the movement of shadows, his oil paintings reflect nature as their focal points depicting Italian landscapes, homes and villas of Northern Italy and the Alps. Today his work is highly acclaimed and he has worldwide collectors.

COLLECTORS--partial list

Greg P. Abrell
Linda & Sol Adams
Kenny Alameda
Debra Argen Nesta
Sergio & Olga Astrologo
John Baldwin
Maria Barbetta
Mike and Cathi Bell
Giorgio Bergallo
Candice Bergen
Norbert & Maria Berta
Giovanni& Marisa Biagioni
Leonard Bodell
Irene & Bogdan Bossell
Carol Burnett
Frank Capra
Former President Jimmy Carter
Salvo & Fabienne Celano
Governor Richard Celeste (Ohio)
Dick Clark
Joshua & Erica Cope
Kevin Costner
Ted Danson
Cindy DE Angelus Hargest
Eileen and Nicola DeBenedictis
Raffaella Dell'Acqua
Neil Diamond
Teja Anderson & Frank Dicopoulos
Senator Bob Dole
Placido Domingo
Michael D. Eisner (The Walt Disney Co.)
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Frank Ficca
Former President Gerald R. Ford
Arthur Guido Gildea
Clare Goggin
Dana & Vito Grasso
Bonnie Grosch
Bryant Gumbel
Marvin Hamlisch
Walker Hall
Carl & Beverly Hannah
Prof. Seiji Hashimoto
Goldie Hawn
Silvia & Marvin Heisman
Mary Heselton
Bob Hope
Lee Iacocca
Gerald and Susan Jeffers
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Gregory Katz
Henry Kissinger
Bradley & Jessica Leber
Jack Lemmon
David Letterman
John Levine
Maureen Lipman
Joan Lunden
Ed McMahon
Tom Malafarina
Henry Mancini
Monsignor Carl J Marucci
Bob Mastrangelo
Barry Menne
Liza Minnelli
Dov Moran (CEO of M. Systems)
Joe Namath
Ed & Debra Nesta
Jack Nickolson
Nick Nolte
Russell & Maryanne Oathout
Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
Arnold Palmer
Leon Panetta
Joe Paterno
Luciano Pavarotti
Paloma Picasso
Annie Predun
Sal Richards
Former President Ronald Reagan
Barbara Rios
Dave Roberts
Barbara Rodriguez
Ginger Rogers
Jeff & Kathy Row
Stephanie Ruppert
Thiago & Laila Sarkis
Governor William D. Schaefer
Michael & Suzanne Smith
Roger & Marlene Stapf
Gail Sullivan
Kath & Eric Talbott
Michael and Colette Tomeo
Donald Trump
Kathleen Turner
Keith Valeri
Betty White
Oprah Winfrey
Barbara Walters
Bryson Young
Mike and Marlene Young
Gianni & Rodica Zangrossi

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