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Guri Stark

San Diego, CA - United States








Guri Stark

San Diego, CA - United States

Guri Stark - Fine Artist

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About Guri Stark

Guri Stark – Watercolor Art

A unique artist and musician trapped in the body of an engineer, Guri has been painting in watercolors for over 25 years.
“My passion is to capture unique moments and portray feelings and emotions. In my paintings I attempt to convey my combined love of art and music. I find inspiration in the beauty of the shapes of music instruments and of the human figure.”
Born in Israel, Guri moved to the United States 25 years ago. With his distinctively strong and brilliant watercolors, Guri made a name for himself as an artist in Israel, Denver Colorado, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, California where he participated in numerous shows, exhibitions and galleries.

“Art is the most sincere way to express feelings. People can pretend, stretch the truth or lie about who they are and what they feel, but, there are no lies in a painting.”
“For me, the experience of painting is similar to writing a poem. You’ve got to feel it in your gut; you have to have something unique to say. And the process may be painful, until it finally comes to life on the canvas. But at the end, there is nothing more fulfilling and satisfying anyone could experience.”

Guri’s art can be seen on the web at

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Musical Moment by Guri Stark


Fiddler on the Roofs by Guri Stark


Music Flow by Guri Stark


The Music of Her Mind by Guri Stark


The Kiss - tribute to Gustav Klimt by Guri Stark


Motherhood - Tribute to Klimt by Guri Stark


Contemplating Art and Music by Guri Stark


Alone and Together by Guri Stark


Our Dream by Guri Stark


Contemplating by Guri Stark


Biblical Story by Guri Stark


My Music by Guri Stark


Motherhood by Guri Stark


Cello by Guri Stark


Music and Wine by Guri Stark


Flowers and Music by Guri Stark


The Umbrella - #5 in the series Motherhood by Guri Stark


Adam and Eve by Guri Stark


A Tribute to Salvador Dali by Guri Stark


The Valley of Jesrael by Guri Stark


Jacob's Dream by Guri Stark

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   |   Images = 21