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Heather Calderon

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Heather Calderon

Hollywood, FL - United States

Heather Calderon - Fine Artist

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About Heather Calderon

Heather Calderón is a self taught artist, wife and mother of two, currently working and running her own art business celebrating skeletons as her main subject. Born in 1977 in Milford, DE, with parents Victor and Pamela Padilla and two older sisters, the family relocated to Longmont CO, where she spent a beautiful childhood. Heather was exposed to the arts at a very young age. She began playing the piano by ear at age 2 on an old upright player piano that was a gift from grandparents from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She began studying classical piano at age 4 to age 7 with Mrs. Shultz, mother and teacher of son, Robert Shultz, professional classical pianist of San Francisco. In addition to piano, she studied cello and violin through Middle school and High School. She also had an abundance of sketchbooks, pencils, paints and other art supplies all through out the years. She won many awards for her art pieces in local school art shows and fairs and was placed in advanced music and art classes. Having both musical and artistic capabilities, around age 16, Heather turned more her focus on her art, feeling it was more her stronger talent and passion.
At age 19 she was married and later had two children, a daughter and a son. Art took the back stage for a while during these years of raising children with sporadic art projects as gifts for family. It was not until 2001 when she was hired as a copy painter, copying other artists’ designs on needlepoint canvas, that her artist dream was awakened. It was this job that gave her complete understanding of working in acrylic paints. She took this new knowledge of painting and began creating her own needlepoint designs, becoming a designer and later creating her own paintings. Her earlier pieces were inspired mostly by her children and the fantasy world. Later as her style and imagination grew, she began exploring other subjects. She had always had a fondness for skeletons from a child hood experience of having her head x rayed and found that putting a skeleton somewhere in a piece, just made it complete and her own. It just seemed suiting. And with that, she grew into making her skeletons the main focal point for many of her paintings.
Today Heather Calderón is 35 and has recently relocated with her children (now teenagers) to Hollywood Florida after spending over 30 yrs living in Colorado. She is happily remarried and also the step mother of two. She currently runs her own art business HCalderón, selling originals as well as prints t-shirts and other household items online. Her fan base is growing daily. Recently she has been labeled as a ‘Day of the Dead’ artist and is very proud her skeletons are a part of this new art phenomenon. She still plays the piano and even sings from time to time.

Please visit my website: http://www.heathercalderon.com/

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my art work!!

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Arts Preview The Season In Broward Art

Hollywood, FL - October 25th, 2013

Gallery 2014, Hollywood Skeletons in the Closets: Day of the Dead is a fitting title for Heather Calderón’s solo debut of her skeletons at nonprofit organization Gallery 2014. “After adding a small skeleton to my early paintings here or there, perched on a gate in a corner of a painting, it just felt complete,” the artist notes. “I slowly evolved into making them the centerpiece of my work. ... I paint my skeletons in very vibrant colors, doing everyday activities from eating and drinking to dancing, expressing human emotions which is also indicative of ‘Day of the Dead’ art.” Calderón loves that her skeletons, which include parents, sisters, brothers, dog lovers, chefs, doctors and artists such as Frida Kahlo, are something to which people can relate. “We all look like that underneath,” she says, “and I strive to connect and relate to people through my art.” Her exhibition...

HCalderon Clothing

Hollywood, FL - May 31st, 2012

For anyone interested on purchasing t-shirts or other clothing and household items with my artwork on it, please visit the link above to my cafe press shop. I've been slowly uploading images to items and have purchased a few myself. I've had this request many times, so here it is! If you don't see your favorite image on a specific item that you would like, just email me and I can customize it for you. There's some pretty cool stuff on here. Thanks for looking!!

Day Of The Dead Art Documentary To Be Filmed.

Hollywood, FL - May 1st, 2012

I've been asked to participate in a documentary called, 'Day of the Dead Art in America'. I am one of several artists to be featured in this film by Kamio Media Company. For now, here is the promo piece to be approved for funding to begin filming for this documentary. If it goes through, I will be interviewed by the film crew in my house here in Hollywood, Florida. Very exciting!! Fingers are crossed that this is approved!! (my work is featured at the end of this clip).