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HJ Hunt

Superior, CO - United States








HJ Hunt

Superior, CO - United States

HJ Hunt - Fine Artist

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About HJ Hunt

HJHunt was born a Colorado native with the fiery passion for painting. She pursued her art career through her early teens, winning several first place titles in her pastel work. However, by her mid-to-late teens this passion smoldered, as her attention was called to academia.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she took a 'self-discovery' vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here, her passion for art was rekindled through the renowned work of JD Challenger.

Soon this passion would become much more, as she made a heartbreaking discovery. 'I had no idea the Native people still lived in their ancestral dwellings. As I walked around the pueblos of Taos, I was shocked at the living conditions and poverty level.' Because of this, HJHunt donates ten percent of proceeds to an organization focused on preserving Native American culture and tradition.

Her unique black-and-white acrylics captures the soul of the people and the imagination of the viewer. She explains, 'when we are first born the only colors we can see are black, white and gray. My paintings are meant to take us back in time, where we knew souls intuitively and gave them our own color and stories.'

10% Of Proceeds DONATED, to: Tesoro Cultural Center's Indian Market & Powwow - Morrison, CO.

For more information about HJHunt, please visit: www.hjhunt.com.


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Weathered Wisdom by HJ Hunt


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Chief Half In Darkness by HJHunt


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Watchful Warrior by HJHunt


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Young Apache Girl by HJHunt


Mourning Dove by HJ Hunt

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