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Heather King

Windsor, On - Canada








Heather King

Windsor, On - Canada

Heather King - Fine Artist

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January 5th, 2008







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About Heather King

The first thing I would like to stress upon is that I'm seriously looking for representation.
My goal is to get my work into galleries around the world...so if there are any agents, art dealers, gallery owners who see this and feels my work is worthy to be shown at galleries I would love to hear from you.....please contact me.

Most of my work can be viewed on

I'm in love with all forms of art, whether it be music, writing, painting, photography, dancing....
photography is my true passion though, and capturing dreamy like qualities to things, whether they are blissful, or somewhat dark.
I live in the worst city in Canada, but that microscopic glimmer of hope keeps me going.
Music, is everything...legendary pink dots, cure, dead can dance, cranes, swans, black heart procession, bright eyes, roy orbison, dean martin, frank sinatra, bel canto, mazzy star, lycia, interpol, she wants revenge, tom waits, nine simone, billie holiday, etc.
nature, animals, cats, peace

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The Siren by Heather King


Rusted Leaves And Lips by Heather King


What Dreams May Come by Heather King


They Live by Heather King


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A Delicate New Phase by Heather King

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