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Heather Lennox

London, London - United Kingdom








Heather Lennox

London, London - United Kingdom

Heather Lennox - Fine Artist

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About Heather Lennox


Hailing from the small New England town of Wilmington, Massachusetts. HL spent her formative years as a teenager living near Glasgow, Scotland then moving to the outer suburbs of London in her adolescence. She has resided in London since 1994. Heavily influenced by surrealist art and impressionism. She has spent many years of running S&M clubs, dealing in unusual antiques, making clothes, and jewellery. With great passions for music, film and the fetish scene. Taught to privately to paint by a unnamed, more established painter Heather's recent work utilises bold colours interspersed with elements of abstraction contained within a figurative piece.

'The Photography in the gallery, well. It does work alongside the paintings. The two are very much intertwined. The way I interpret images usually goes first through a camera. Then onto the canvas freehand. I think it's because the two represent the world best to me the most accurately. A lot of people have suggested to me that I should just paint from life. But the way I see it sometimes it's just too fast to capture the subtle emotions that keep changing within a person (or creatures) face. If you have ever tried to take a picture of a dog and found yourself putting your hand on their shoulder to keep them in one place, that's why I am interested in photography. The world is moving so fast that I need a camera to not miss those little details in expression and also because nothing ever truly sits still! And why should they? We have cameras for that.

I would not say I am an actual photographer, that's something that could take a lifetime to perfect. But what I do, is take pictures. Lots of pictures.. So to an extent the photography in the gallery is there to share what I have seen of the world and liked, with other people.

I plan to paint for the rest of my life. If I didn't have my hands and eyes. I would jump off a bridge without question.'

Her current bank of work studies those moments in a performers life when they forget themselves and become engulfed in the moment of being at their most alive in their chosen persona. Her second bank of work explores the colour green and the curious meandering of insects.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
March 2011 Bromley Arts, Bromley, Kent, England
October 2012 Live Work on Show at www.ModerneLondon.com Spitalfields, London UK
June 2013 Bromley Arts Bromley, Kent, England

Selected Group Exhibitions
100 Paintings Kensal Rise London September 2011

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African blue eared starling by Heather Lennox


Drifting Seahorse by Heather Lennox


Naive Cat with Apples by Heather Lennox


Blue Ringed octopus by Heather Lennox


Ghost Koi Carp Fish Oil on canvas by Heather Lennox


The Fierce Eel by Heather Lennox


Masked Bandit by Heather Lennox


The Scrapper by Heather Lennox


Ava Iscariot 2 by Heather Lennox


Lolly Lethal 2 by Heather Lennox


Ava Iscariot by Heather Lennox


French Angle Fish by Heather Lennox


Stingrays Departing by Heather Lennox


Gliding Stingray by Heather Lennox


Parrot Fish are transgendered by Heather Lennox


Ghost Koi Carp Fish by Heather Lennox


Zebra Face by Heather Lennox


Lolita Laytex by Heather Lennox


Seagulls at Worthing Sussex by Heather Lennox


Naughty Alice 2 by Heather Lennox


The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen by Heather Lennox


Naughty Alice by Heather Lennox


Water Nymph and Hippocampus 3 by Heather Lennox


Lion Sculpture by Heather Lennox


Water Nymph and Hippocampus by Heather Lennox


Common Eider by Heather Lennox


White Peacock by Heather Lennox


A Small Squadron of Swimming Penguins by Heather Lennox


Venetian Garden 2 by Heather Lennox


Flight of The Valkyrie by Heather Lennox


Gryphon by Heather Lennox


Hippocampus by Heather Lennox


Westminster Abbey London by Heather Lennox


Blue Cats by Heather Lennox


Bodmin Gaol Cornwall England by Heather Lennox


Pier View England by Heather Lennox


Edinburgh Castle and National Galleries of Scotland in Winter by Heather Lennox


Edinburgh Scotland by Heather Lennox


Vespa Scooter by Heather Lennox


Abandoned Motorbike by Heather Lennox


Asymmetrical Giraffe by Heather Lennox


Illuminati Jellyfish by Heather Lennox


Seahorse anchored by Heather Lennox


Abraham Lincoln Memorial Scotland Winter by Heather Lennox


Christmas Helter Skelter Scotland by Heather Lennox


Winter Townscape Scotland by Heather Lennox


Scot Monument Edinburgh by Heather Lennox


Tintagel by Heather Lennox

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