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Heather Mulvenna

Somers Point, NJ - United States








Heather Mulvenna

Somers Point, NJ - United States

Heather Mulvenna - Fine Artist

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About Heather Mulvenna

I draw how I feel, or how I want to feel - calm, at peace, strong, connected to nature - healed. Art has always been a constant in my life but it was not until I started to do yoga in 2012 that my own style began to emerge. It was as if yoga became the light in my room in which to see the sketch book with clear eyes for the very first time. The blank page was not intimidating any more. It was a beautiful invitation in which to speak from my heart. Because of this you will see much of my work is influenced by my yoga practice, however, my work is not at all exclusive to the poses of yoga and meditation -- rather it is more to the connection of nature itself -- trees, landscapes, seascapes, and the energy that flows through all.

I tend to draw first in pens and begin my colors with inks, acrylics, and sometimes pastels when I really want to soften a certain aspect of my work (like in the Yin Yang Tree - creating the glow). Most of my work takes a great amount of time, even in it's stylized impressions. I tend to work less in broad strokes and more in short lines, free form repetition, and the bleeding of inks as I layer them.


Thank you very much for viewing my art work. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.

For the latest information check out https://www.facebook.com/artbyheathermulvenna.

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Tree Spirit I by Heather Mulvenna


Tree Spirit II by Heather Mulvenna


Tree Spirit III by Heather Mulvenna


Lavender Meadow by Heather Mulvenna


Lavender Meadow by Heather Mulvenna


Walking Meditation by Heather Mulvenna


Planting Seeds of Change by Heather Mulvenna


Autumn Prayer by Heather Mulvenna


Follow the Sun by Heather Mulvenna


Gentle Mourning Tree by Heather Mulvenna


The Dreaming Tree by Heather Mulvenna


Tree of Self-Compassion by Heather Mulvenna

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