Heidi Patricio-Nadon - Fine Artist

Heidi Patricio-Nadon

Oakville, ON - Canada








Heidi Patricio-Nadon

Oakville, ON - Canada

Heidi Patricio-Nadon - Fine Artist

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About Heidi Patricio-Nadon

Many years ago, I visited an art gallery in Toronto and was impressed with a watercolour painting of a misty marsh scene. With soft brush strokes combined with the transparency of the medium, the artist managed to convey a surreal, even an eerie atmosphere that invited a viewer into his painting. It became a purchase that would, much later, inspire me to pick up a brush and some watercolour tubes to see if I had any creative streak in me. I still have this painting.

I can't say that with my first (or second or third or fourth) attempt, I envisioned impressing others with my work. Far from it. But I found encouragement and learned many techniques through workshops and classes, gradually developing a style I was comfortable with. If there is such a category as realistic impressionism, that's how I would like to be classified.

I have always been partial to watercolour and it remains my favourite. I also paint in acrylic and enjoy its forgiving nature. Very recently, I have begun to experiment in oil.

One never stops learning; my education is still and always will be in the process of evolving. My theme may be a landscape, a street scene, a row of terra-cotta pots, a waterfall, or a serene forest pathway. Whatever it happens to be, I express my impressions and the mood of the subject by painting in subdued tones or in bold colours.

I reside in Oakville,Ontario...a very pretty town on the shores of Lake Ontario. I spend the winter in Fort Myers, Florida, where I am part of an active art group. Through commissioned works, silent auctions, and exhibits, some of my originals have found their way to different parts of Canada, the United States, the Philippines, England, Sweden, and Barbados.

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