Helen Duley - Fine Artist

Helen Duley

Lower Beechmont, QUEENSLAND - Australia








Helen Duley

Lower Beechmont, QUEENSLAND - Australia

Helen Duley - Fine Artist

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About Helen Duley

Hi to everyone

My series of numinous reflections upon black swans are fountain pen drawings on paper.

The pens used are modern and antique including old Mabie & Todd Swan and Vintage Japanese pens. The multi-coloured inks are of archival quality American Noodlers and Japanese ˜Sailor.

The watercolours are Maries transparent Chinese watercolours. And much transparent Japanese tissue paper was used in the collaging process.

The paper is Australian highest quality Blue Lake watercolour paper handmade in Mt Gambier by Maurice Wilson http://bluelakepapermill.com.au.

These drawings are my dreamings of a beautiful, but now lost wetland. I grew up playing within this fertile, shimmiering, beautiful wetlands. But now now they have vanished, drained back in white sand, and dead grass.

They are also a Remembering of my father, a stockman ( Americans would have called him Cowboy, I think). He drove cattle all through the Snowy Mountains, and for thousands of miles up the Eastern coast of Australia. He taught me about the bush, and to know the birds and animals who belong there. Above all, I remember the lonely cries and the dark fleeting forms of swans that haunted my childhood , elusive as the element of dark wetland water.

So now, safe within my memory, I draw shimmering black swans gliding through moonlight, invoking my childhood magic, depicting the fragile lifeblood of our land.
Creating magical spaces where Black swans become dark mystery, enchanting sacred spaces, renewing wetlands and lakes.

But now our Australian wetlands face severe threats: fracking, drainage and underground coal mining.
Without growing awareness, our ecology and farming could disappear. My drawings aim to raise awareness of this peril.

Hope that you enjoy these drawings.

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Black Swan glides in the Morning by Helen Duley


Wooli Lake Hiawatha by Helen Duley


Black Swan in early Morning Mists by Helen Duley


Noosa Everglades Waterlilies by Helen Duley


Noosa Everglades No 1 by Helen Duley


The Tree with the Lights in it. by Helen Duley


Wattle or Acacia Tree and Deep Rainbow pool by Helen Duley


Morning has Broken No 1 by Helen Duley


Paramahansa or Black Swan in Moonlight Flight by Helen Duley


Cosmic Black Swan by Helen Duley


Black Swan and Tree Ferns no1 by Helen Duley


Black Swan Mother and Cygnet no 2 by Helen Duley


Black Swan Mother and Child by Helen Duley


Tiny Feathertail Glider Possum and the Moon by Helen Duley


Small Frog Sings to the Full Moon by Helen Duley


Young Aboriginal Woman and River Red Gum by Helen Duley


Black Swan Gliding no 2 by Helen Duley

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