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Helen Gerro

Punta Gorda , Fl - United States








Helen Gerro

Punta Gorda , Fl - United States

Helen Gerro - Fine Artist

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About Helen Gerro

To purchase the ORIGINAL Paintings by Helen Gerro, Go to www.GerroArt.com Gallery Boutique. Gerro Paintings available through PAY PAL.
As recently seen in Cigar Magazine Cigar Art 'The artictic inspiration of cigars' 5 page spread article in magazine the photos featured below.
Also recently featured in Phassion Magazine 8 page Gerro Couture Designer Fashion.
Art of women Gerro's art is known for Gerro's consistant signature look, 'a celebration of women .' Helen expresses an indelible fascination of dramatic sensual distinctive looks with bold use of color and contemporary lines. Through her medium of choice which is acrylic, oil, and pastels, Gerro has maintained a timeless yet contemporary style that you would' recognize anywhere'.
Helen Gerro a small town girl of Polish German descent a family of 8 siblings from the 'Lake Wobegon' country in central Minnesota. In Helen's early twenties she began designing womenswear fashion, her sketches became her collection of paintings which evolved into her look 'Couture to Canvas'. Throughout the eighties and the nineties Gerro sold her designer clothing line in major department stores such as Dayton Hudson, Marshal Fields, Nordstrums and hundreds of Boutiques throughout the U.S. Her designer line featured editorials in Mademoiselle Magazine, Los Angeles Times, her fashion was highlighted on Oprah and on a television interview on PM Magazine. Not to mention held numerous fashion shows, Gerro's designs were featured in namely the New York Pret and Aveda cosmetics, fashion show.

(TO ORDER ORIGINALS go to my web site upper right link GerroArt.com or contact me. for a signed giclee send a SASE)

As Gerro sketched her designer clothing lines, which have evolved into her art couture looks and became the paintings we see today. Her award winning paintings most currently exhibited in the Peace River National art festival 'best of the best', National exhibit at the Visual Art Center, paintings are described by Sarasotas art center 'bold use of color' and ' very fun painting' Gerro's paintings are found throughout the U .S..

Beginning Helen Gerro's career which stretches from Minneapolis, MN. Manhattan, NY. to currently the southern Gulf coast of Florida where Gerro maintains her very artsy studio atelier surrounded in Gerro's paintings listing to Blues, Jazz or Latino music for inspiration to paint for the love of paint.

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Lady in Red by Helen Gerro


Mermaid Brass by Helen Gerro


Purple Couture by Helen Gerro


Aqua Couture by Helen Gerro


Haute Colours by Helen Gerro


Ballroom Dance by Helen Gerro


Cigar Lounge by Helen Gerro


Coral Atlantis Mermaid by Helen Gerro


Kiss Series number 1 by Helen Gerro


Kiss Series Number 2 by Helen Gerro


Cigar In Red by Helen Gerro


Vestal Virgins by Helen Gerro


Ruby Couture by Helen Gerro


Smokey Eyes by Helen Gerro


Cigar Bar by Helen Gerro


Cigar Makers Daughter by Helen Gerro


Cigar Bar Couture by Helen Gerro


Cigar Moment Corona Cigar by Helen Gerro


Diva's and Leopards by Helen Gerro


Ballroom Dance by Helen Gerro


Ballroom Dancers Champagne Tango by Helen Gerro


Cayenne by Helen Gerro


Ballroom Dancing Tango by Helen Gerro


Seven Sisters of Pleiades by Helen Gerro


Snowey Egret tropical by Helen Gerro


Snowey Egret Carribean by Helen Gerro


Fig Palm Sunset by Helen Gerro


Tropical mango palms by Helen Gerro


Tera Cotta Mermaid by Helen Gerro


Haute Couture Runway by Helen Gerro


Haute Couture Runway by Helen Gerro


Haute Couture Runway by Helen Gerro


Red Hibiscus by Helen Gerro


Yellow Hibiscus by Helen Gerro


Key Lime Palm by Helen Gerro


Haute Couture Flamingo by Helen Gerro


Haute Couture Colours by Helen Gerro


Bayou Couture by Helen Gerro


Peace and Love Angel by Helen Gerro


Pearl and June by Helen Gerro


Ruby and April by Helen Gerro


Cherry CosmoTini by Helen Gerro


Martini in Paris by Helen Gerro


A Endangered Species by Helen Gerro


Mermaid under the sea by Helen Gerro


Goddess Athena by Helen Gerro


Mermaid Katheryn Stacy by Helen Gerro


Flamingo deco by Helen Gerro

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   |   Images = 61




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