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Herb Paynter

Ft. Pierce, FL - United States








Herb Paynter

Ft. Pierce, FL - United States

Herb Paynter - Fine Artist

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About Herb Paynter

I think it all started with an compulsion to never color outside the lines in my coloring book when I was a kid. I knew my pictures were destined for the refrigerator for everyone to critique and I didn't want to disappoint. I learned early on to deliver under pressure.

When your career includes significant time in four somewhat related fields (lithography, photography, graphic design, and software design and development), the convergence of these disciplines can spawn something special. In my case, it was a whole new art form. I call it ImageXpression. What started out as a hybrid photographic/lithographic design and production process became seriously intertwined, influenced by color spectral issues, light frequencies, and film densitometry. As I developed my graphic design skills I began shooting images specifically for certain tonal ranges and color schemes. I developed a very labor-intensive process that converted these photographs into detailed graphics. Eventually put together a software development company and produced plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop. The name of the software company was ImageXpress. It was at this time, 30 years into my career, that I transposed this graphic interpretation process into a viable, proprietary rendering software application. At first it was simply a somewhat advanced posterization process, but as years passed, and the process refined, this interpretation process developed into a serious photo rendering process.

Quite obviously, my current obsession is with my most rewarding software development, ImageXpression. I currently have fifteen published interactive educational ibooks on the topics of color and light as part of the Accurate Color and Gotta Know Series, all of which are available on the iTunes bookstore.

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