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HW Kateley

Central Coast, OR - United States








HW Kateley

Central Coast, OR - United States

HW Kateley - Fine Artist

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About HW Kateley

Welcome to my Fine Art America site. I hope you find enjoyment in what you see here.

I've enjoyed photography all my life, but only in the last few years have I taken the time and made the investment in developing (no pun intended) it as a pursuit and vocation. This started when I moved to an area small in population, a prairie town surrounded by large amounts of rangeland, some forests, and with amazing history. I had some time and it was an opportune moment to work on something that I had been interested in doing for a long time. I've returned home to the west coast now and am continuing that work, having left a bit of my heart there.

Most of what follows are the results of that pursuit and a real desire to show others what I see in the world.

I shoot both film and digital and am using 'more vintage' film cameras lately. Images that are taken from film are noted as such where it has a pertinence. I find that the 2 mediums both offer something for me and I move between them depending on what I'm trying to accomplish. I also use modern digital darkroom techniques on that side, and mix the two from time to time. .

Please visit the galleries or just browse the list of images. Please feel free to comment or message me.

~Herb Kateley

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