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Ian Hemingway

Valatie, NY - United States








Ian Hemingway

Valatie, NY - United States

Ian Hemingway - Fine Artist

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About Ian Hemingway

Thank you for stopping in, I Hope you enjoy my work.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Ian now lives and works in Upstate New York.

Hemingway works from both life and photographs, often of himself, as points of departure for explorations of memory and identity, both of which he lost in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident over a decade ago. His work often depicts a solitary figure, or a detail, captured in a fleeting moment, entirely removed from time and place. Figures are static, contemplative in posture and clad in both literal and figurative armours; it remains securely anonymous, revealed only in body language. This armour, externalized identity, is represented in clear focus; while the ground in many of his works, however, is ambiguous and uncertain, demonstrating the severed identity's lack of a solid referent in time and space. He also paints architecture and sculpture utilizing a similar framework, often intentionally unfinished or incomplete, serving as a reminder that can these can fade away into memory.

Though passionate about photography he doesn't pretend to know anything about it. He can be found chasing sunsets on an almost daily basis, and does self-portraits as references for his paintings.

Ian has been a featured artist in New American Paintings, Issue #74, Northeast Edition 2007.

He has exhibited in both the U.S. and Canada, and his work can be found in numerous private collections in both Canada and the U.S. also.

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
B.F.A. Double Major in Painting & Drawing and Art History, 2004.

All content herein copyrighted Ian Hemingway with all rights reserved. Unauthorized use, alteration, copying, publishing, transmitted or downloaded in any form of media without my written permission is prohibited by U.S. and International laws.

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Longevity by Ian Hemingway


Terminal Condition by Ian Hemingway


Untitled by Ian Hemingway


Cathedral Lattice by Ian Hemingway


Still by Ian Hemingway


That Total Age by Ian Hemingway


Convergence by Ian Hemingway


Uncovered Remnants by Ian Hemingway


Exhale by Ian Hemingway


Tragic Figure by Ian Hemingway


Remnants by Ian Hemingway


Steadfast by Ian Hemingway


First Light by Ian Hemingway


Eclipsing by Ian Hemingway


Breathless by Ian Hemingway


September Sixth Diptych by Ian Hemingway


Prologue by Ian Hemingway


Last Light by Ian Hemingway


Solitary Confinement by Ian Hemingway


Awakening by Ian Hemingway


Traumatic Event by Ian Hemingway


Left Behind by Ian Hemingway


Reflect in Silence by Ian Hemingway


Days Hours Mins. by Ian Hemingway

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