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Immo Jalass

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland - Netherlands








Immo Jalass

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland - Netherlands

Immo Jalass - Fine Artist

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About Immo Jalass

Immo Jalass

Born 1938 in Hamburg, Germany. Autodidact.


1962 Bauzentrum Hamburg, Esplanade 每 Drawings and Oilpaintings

1963 Gallery in Dordrecht, Netherlands 每 Drawings

1965 Galerie B邦rdeke, Z邦rich, Schweiz 每 Oilpaintings

1966 Galerie Ivan Spence, Ibiza, Spain 每 Oilpaintings

1968 Kunstcentrum T*Venster, Rotterdam - Acrylpaintings

1969 Galerie Mickery, Amsterdam and Loenersloot, Netherlands 每 Objects

1969 Participating the 6th Atelier-Exposition Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam (see museumjournal)

1969 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 每 Participating Groupexposition §Op losse schroeven§ 每 Objects and Projects

1970 until 1999 Yoga.

Since 2000 I am working on the computer (digital art)

2010 5 januari t/m 31 maart Vijzelgracht 45, printings en sculptures

10 januari t/m 30 januari 2010 groupexposition Galerie Plein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam

9 mei t/m 30 mei 2010 soloexposition printings and sculptures, Galerie Plein 7, Da Costaplein 7, 1053 ZV Amsterdam, Tel.: 020-6183388

2011 March 26th t/m April 16th, RADA岐 每 Architecture & Art, Rozengracht 77 A, 1016 LT Amsterdam, Email:, Internet:

inbetween in the following Internetgalleries:

and my own internet gallery at:

The jpg files can be printed in any technical possible size and / or manner on all possible materials without loss in form or color.

Immo Jalass
Bijlmerdreef 732
1103 DS Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-7729374

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Elizabeth Hoeveler About Immo Jalass

Amsterdam, No - October 27th, 2014

Elizabeth Hoeveler (ASC) commenting Immo Jalass's artworks How many dimensions can we see? Three, on a 'normal day. On a 'normal' day, however, I might be fooled into thinking I'm somewhere else - or many other places at the same time, while looking at Immo Jalass's digital offerings. I can cross dimensions and have a foot in several. I can extend the one dimension I'm in and reshape it to my wish. I can focus on a fruit color and have that color move back or forward out of the fruit bowl. Immo Jalass makes us realize what scientific minds have been talking about for years - If I were teaching Quantum Physics this would be part of my tutorial - even the sleepiest student would be galvanized into realizing that, not only is this art, but quantum textbook illustrations of 'leaping ' exercises. Look at these pictures, the math can come later. Like someone learning music - ...

ARTiculAction Interviewing Immo Jalass

Amsterdam, No - October 27th, 2014

Dario Rutigliano:(ARTiculAction) interviewingImmo Jalass Dario Rutigliano: (1) Hello Immo, and a warm welcome to ARTiculAction. I would start this interview with my usual introductory question: what in your opinion defines a work of Art? By the way, what could be in your opinion the features that mark an artwork as a piece of Contemporary Art? Immo: My definition of an art work in general combines the criteria Idea, Object/subject and techniques in it's quality while contemporary art is always spacetime bound, the space time it was or is made in. Dario Rutigliano: (2) As a basically self-taught artist, what did you find to be the biggest challenges to improving your work through the years of your long career? In particular, are there any experience that has impacted on you and on your development as an artist? Immo: The missing of my father in the first 8 years because of...

Immo Jalass By Marco De Piaggi

Amsterdam, No - December 20th, 2012

The artist: Immo Jalass is a German artist known in The Netherlands for his work at the end of the sixties that culminated in an group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1969. In the new millennium, the artist has dedicated himself to computer art. After replacing the easel with a computer monitor and the palette of oil colors with digital graphics programs he is creating digital images that are printed in only one certified copy on different media according with the practical and aesthetic needs and demands. The images presented by the artist are imaginary landscapes, abstract expanses or shots of cities that seem to be taken on another planet. The technique and the title of the exhibition: Immo Jalass starts with free composition, photos or parts of photos, sometimes photos of a city and details of buildings. In this sense he sometimes "steals" images from the re...