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Ingrid Dance

Denia, Al - Spain








Ingrid Dance

Denia, Al - Spain

Ingrid Dance - Fine Artist

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About Ingrid Dance

Being a self-taught artist, neither having studied art nor ever having taken any special tuition, Ingrid has been able to unfold and develop her natural talent by experimenting and expressing herself in various different styles, in her own free way.

Ingrid mainly works with oils on canvas and also enjoys the use of acrylic paint on canvas. Recently she has taken up digital photography which is often computer manipulated to create surreal atmospheres.

As well as being very versatile it is of importance to her that she remains open-minded towards 'new impressions'. There is no doubt that since discovering the world of Surrealism, it is a world to which she will remain faithful.

Spirituality plays an important part in Ingrid's life. She isn't religious but she does believe in the existence of ONE God - the universal energy that we are all a part of. The energy that keeps us going, that renews and refuels us during our life here on earth. It is an energy that works in silence behind the scenes and upon which the entire human race depends. Whether we are ignorant of its existence or choose not to pay attention to it, does not matter. It is still there day in day out - constantly present, helping us and keeping the earth going. Many of Ingrid's paintings have a spiritual meaning or background.

2008 The final break from being employed - a much sought after state. For many years Ingrid has dreamt of being 'free' to paint full time. The dream has come true! The beginning of a new artistic & exciting life!

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Above Our Heads by Ingrid Dance

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