Irene Pomirchy - Fine Artist

Irene Pomirchy

Marlboro, NJ - United States








Irene Pomirchy

Marlboro, NJ - United States

Irene Pomirchy - Fine Artist

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About Irene Pomirchy

In Life, it’s all about choices.
Some people accept that their life is predetermined, that they can’t change anything, that nothing depends on the way they do things. A small problem comes up on the horizon and they give up, saying:” Well, it didn’t happen the way I thought it would, so be it” and move on. Therefore, a vicious cycle begins, and continues with every other problem they encounter in their life.
My gallery “Thoughts and Feelings” contains paintings that tell the stories. “The mask of an orphan”, “Broken”, “The Door” are all about tragic life experiences that weren’t accidents, they are about people that somehow put themselves in the corner, and made themselves think that there were no way out.
My life was never easy, but I always thought that you needed to make your own way, find people you care about and keep them around, protect and nurture your children, forgive mistakes, try to recognize important problems and dismiss little things.
Every one of my works is an impression of my surroundings, even floral paintings are imprints of my feelings. Sometimes people tell me that looking at my paintings makes them feel good. I’d like to think that most of my pictures are not just a part of the interior but vessels that bring sunlight into the life of people.
I have always been painting, went to Art school, and then got an engineering degree and worked for many years as a construction estimator. I stopped working with the birth of my third son who is now studying at Oxford. He was born with a mild hearing loss in both ears and it took us both a lot of work and determination to get him where he is now.

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