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Iris M Gross

Edmond, OK - United States








Iris M Gross

Edmond, OK - United States

Iris M Gross - Fine Artist

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About Iris M Gross

Self-taught artist. 40 year Oklahoma City area resident. A huge fan of realism and of using my hands to recreate what I see visually. Favorite media: colored pencil, oil pastels, drawing pencils (Ebony, Negro, mechanical), pen & ink (artist pen or brush & nib dip pens), & my trusty camera which accompanies me everywhere. Favorite subjects: plants, nature, food, celebrities, women, children, African-Americans and other people of color.

I draw stuff, and I like to take pictures when I'm out for a drive or a walk. No painting, just whatever my fingers can hold. Fabric/textile design is also on the backburner, and I hope to get my YouTube channel going with lessons on oil pastels and other drawing media. A dream is to open an art store dedicated to people who draw, because let's face it the brick and mortar dedicated art store - and I did not say hobby shop - is dead in all but the biggest cities. Oh well, we'll see.

Anyway, I hope you like what you see here whether you buy it or not! If there's anything I can draw for you, let me know! If I sell enough, I'll buy an even better camera. There is so much more to Oklahoma and Oklahoma City than the caricatures and the stereotypes. I want to work at busting that myth. There's a lot of beauty here, especially in our parks and recreational areas.

I'm constantly creating and uploading new material so check back often. Thanks for stopping by!

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Rose Garden by Iris M Gross


Blue Canopy by Iris M Gross


Sunday in the Park by Iris M Gross


Spring Shadows by Iris M Gross


Night School by Iris M Gross

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