Ishwar Malleret - Fine Artist

Ishwar Malleret

Monticello, NY - United States








Ishwar Malleret

Monticello, NY - United States

Ishwar Malleret - Fine Artist

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About Ishwar Malleret

I grew up in the French countryside, where I spent most of my youth surrounded by the spacious and beautiful fields at my family’s farm.

After studying architecture for four years at the University of Clermont-Ferrand; I realized that I was interested mostly by its artistic aspects. I then refocused my artistic talents through theater and photography.

It's at age 27 that I really started to explore painting and drawing during a precious and meaningful three years exploration on the Canary Islands. This was a time of deep contemplation and reconnection with nature.

Upon my return to France, I worked in Paris for two years with sculptor Robert Granai, designer for Guerlain beauty products. I came to the USA in 1992, met my wonderful wife Michele, and have been living and working in Sullivan County ever since.

When I paint, I like to express all the beauty I experienced over the years during my journeys to Spain, Portugal, India, Greece, Crete, England, Scotland and other countries.
Before I start painting, I like to clear my mind as much as possible, by spending time preparing the space around me and making a conscious connection with the energy in the studio. I often burn some incense and offer a prayer to the Source of creation, asking for guidance and inspiration.

When I start painting, I often have no preconceived idea of what is about to be painted. I paint, in fact, more to explore and discover that which I am not aware of; to enter the space of the unseen and the unknown, where everything and anything can reveal itself freely, effortlessly.

My technique consists of stepping out of my comfort zone and diving into the inner worlds, remaining focused in the present moment, and playing with its infinite possibilities. I like to be surprised by the extraordinary wonders of these new unexplored territories…there is so much joy and freedom in this process: not knowing what the outcome will be, and yet always trusting that something magical and beautiful will manifest on its own. The experience is one of great awe, contentment, and fulfillment.

It is my wish that everyone looking at my paintings will have a similar experience.

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