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Jack Diamond

Long Island City, NY - United States








Jack Diamond

Long Island City, NY - United States

Jack Diamond - Fine Artist

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About Jack Diamond

My interest in art as self expression started at a very early age. I sold my first painting at eighteen. Never attending an art school I learned my craft on the job as an apprentice to master craftsmen. Learning to do restoration work, to paint reproductions of the old masters paintings, as well as painting murals, faux and Trompe l'oeil for many of the world’s most demanding clients. Later I attended Akron University to study theater scene painting. As a master artist I have designed and painted theater scenery for numerous productions and painted private commissions for well established internationally known designers as well as original works that are collected around the world. I taught painting as an adjunct professor at Ashland University and The Richland Art Academy. Now working in my New York studio I have turned my attention to capturing the times and world I live in. I paint by memory because I want to paint only the memorable. My compositions take form in my imagination based on my experiences. Currently, my work reflects my interest in math and it's connection to nature, specifically in Fractal geometry, exploring the idea of fusing infinite and finite lines on a three dimensional plane. The skyline of new york city for example, the city skyline, as a fractal line is infinite, placed on a single finite horizontal plane line separating the negative space into foreground and background, giving the painting height width and depth. This idea inspired my newest works on plexi glass, such as RUSH HOUR, QUANTUM PARADOX and introducing the dimension of time, A NEW YORK MINUTE, a time lapse view of street traffic on third avenue, a painting of time and space it also uses the fractal concept of the infinite within a finite space, using infinite self similar fractal like images,representing height, width,depth and the forth dimension, time. This fractal linear approach is exciting for me and opens up numerous new possibilities in my exploration of ways to express and share my view of the world as I see it.
I truly hope you enjoy seeing my world as I do.

Also see my website, jackdiamondart.com

Jack Diamond

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