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Jack Skinner

Waltham, MA - United States








Jack Skinner

Waltham, MA - United States

Jack Skinner - Fine Artist

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About Jack Skinner

Currently living in Waltham, Massachusetts, I was born and raised in Watertown, Massachusetts. I graduated from Watertown High School in 1968, and I was accepted by Boston University School of Fine Arts and also Northeastern University by the College of Criminal Justice. Not wanting to become a 'starving artist', I opted for studies in Law Enforcement. I kept art as a hobby.
I am a retired Police Officer, retiring in February 2015 , after 42 ..years of service for the Concord Police Department , Concord Massachusetts. I am also a Police Composite Sketch Artist. Officially, I have been a police sketch artist since 1996. As a police sketch artist, aside from having a little ability in art one must possess good interviewing skills. It's the job of the artist to produce on paper a likeness of a 'Bad Guy' from the memory of a witness or victim.This 'likeness', unfortunately will never be a portrait, but more of a caricature, were the investigating officers can use it to identify suspects or eliminate potential suspects. I work with pencils and a BIG eraser.
As a Sketch Artist , I was taught by Rick and Carrie Parks of the Parks Institute for Forensic Art. They travel the country teaching police officers how to draw. I still attend their classes every several years for recertification as a Sketch Artist. I also attended the FBI Academy course on Facial Imaging in February, 2000.
After being placed in the middle of society's 'little problems' on a daily basis, it is nice to come home and escape to my art for some relaxation. I mainly work with acrylics, since my last oil painting sat in the corner for 4 years gathering dust while it 'dried'. In 2009, I also began painting with pastels. I became a student of Jeanne Smith and still take much needed lessons in pastel. I am a member of the Concord Art Association and a juried artist member in the Cape Cod Art Association.

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Seagull Flying Over Dunes by Jack Skinner


Sunset Over Mystic Lakes by Jack Skinner


The Valley Road by Jack Skinner


Meeting of the Waters by Jack Skinner


October Morn at Walden Pond by Jack Skinner


Sunset on Cape Cod Bay by Jack Skinner


The Assabet River in winter by Jack Skinner


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Autumn River by Jack Skinner


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Motif One Rockport Harbor by Jack Skinner


Morning Pasture by Jack Skinner


Old North Bridge in Pastel by Jack Skinner


Winter Mountain Stream by Jack Skinner


Bike Path Brook by Jack Skinner


Pears and Cheese by Jack Skinner


Water's Edge Farm by Jack Skinner

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