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Jacquelyn Roberts

Tehachapi, CA - United States








Jacquelyn Roberts

Tehachapi, CA - United States

Jacquelyn Roberts - Fine Artist

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About Jacquelyn Roberts

I am a multi-talented visionary artist who draws, paints, sings, writes songs and stories, and who has served the arts by modeling and model co-ordinating. I am the author, illustrator, and the voice of narration and song for the story, 'The Adventures of Moonchild', which is now available as an Amazon Kindle book at:

I have the highest of hopes and expectations for my Moonchild, as any mother would.

Now that I have published a catalog of my own work, I have decided to format image and literature Kindle books for others, and offer editing service as well. It is such a joy to self publish. I am happy to assist others to fulfill their publishing dreams, and share their inspirations with the world. You can find the information by clicking the blog tag above.

I was also a member of the Yahoo!Contributor Network of journalists.

I have a natural affinity with animals - both domestic and wild, and love to photograph them, along with scenes from nature, and interesting compositions of all types. I see art everywhere, and live in amazement of the imagination of Our Heavenly Father who dreamed up this wonderful world, and all of the critters - with such perfection.

It is an honor to share space with the Awesome talent and beautiful people on this FAA site.
I would love to have an active line of greeting cards and see my visions moving through our world.

My motto is:

Art is ...
My life is...

Please note that the FAA watermarks are for security purposes, and will not be on your purchased prints and cards.

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