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Jakub Sisak

Thunder Bay, ON - Canada








Jakub Sisak

Thunder Bay, ON - Canada

Jakub Sisak - Fine Artist

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About Jakub Sisak

official site: JAKUBSISAK.CA

Jakub Sisak is a landscape and nature photographer based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He is primarily focused on the unique local landscape and nature found in Northwestern Ontario and along the North Shores of Lake Superior with an aim to capture the spirit and the essence of the moment in his photographs. Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, he finds everything about the natural environment in Northern Ontario new and interesting, even after more than 20 years. Jakub loves to hike and explore the local land in search of new places, subjects and angles and frequents his favorite shooting locations to encounter new weather and light conditions and fresh compositional elements such as that piece driftwood that wasn’t there on a prior visit.

Shooting photographs on location is only a part of the process. No camera can record exactly what the eye sees and the soul feels so after he captures raw “digital negatives”, he sometimes employs various post-processing techniques attempting to recreate feeling and mood in his photographs so that the viewer can have a better sense what the moment of capture was like.
With an intent to showcase the magical beauty of this unique area and its nature, he hopes that his photographs can evoke a positive emotional response in every viewer. His photographs that are also available for purchase on this site, have earned him a number of awards and have also been published in several local and regional magazines and newspapers.



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Spirit Mountain by Jakub Sisak


Moon over Thunder Bay from Silver Harbour by Jakub Sisak


A Stormy Day In The Bay by Jakub Sisak


Pass Lake Trestle by Jakub Sisak


Talking Falls Monochrome by Jakub Sisak


Inside the Talking Falls by Jakub Sisak


Talking Falls the rock within Monochrome by Jakub Sisak


Late May 8 Crab apple blossoms by Jakub Sisak


Bumble Bee by Jakub Sisak


Late May 7 pink tulip by Jakub Sisak


Birch Bark by Jakub Sisak


Strands by Jakub Sisak


Late May 1 by Jakub Sisak


Late May 3 the blast by Jakub Sisak


Late May 4 blossoms and the setting sun by Jakub Sisak


Late May 5 cluster of buds by Jakub Sisak


Water and Sky by Jakub Sisak


Talking Falls by Jakub Sisak


Middlebrun Channel Point by Jakub Sisak


The Small Arch by Jakub Sisak


Middlebrun Cliffs by Jakub Sisak


Red Dawn by Jakub Sisak


Red Cliffs White Cedars by Jakub Sisak


Red Rocks of Middlebrun Bay by Jakub Sisak

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   |   Images = 421





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