Jalal Gilani - Fine Artist

Jalal Gilani

MillCreek, WA - United States








Jalal Gilani

MillCreek, WA - United States

Jalal Gilani - Fine Artist

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About Jalal Gilani

By qualification, I am an electronic engineer, entrepreneur by profession and an artist by nature.

My artwork is an artistic expression of esoteric journey, especially concept paintings and calligraphy; represent visible body of the divine word and artistic expression of unified art and culture.Canvas for me is an empty space and medium I used is an act of continues search of human form of existence and each stroke is a dialogue between mind, body and spirit.

My journey in art is not limited within one medium or subject. I have worked with varieties of subjects with different mediums and have combine western and eastern style of work, which expand the artistic horizons of culture, race and ethnicity.

My biggest challenge is not to make my painting crowded and focus more on the subject of the paintings rather than the painting themselves while keeping core value of the theme. For example, In contemporary art, I combine western style of abstract art with non-figurative art of Islamic calligraphy using different mediums and materials. The difference I am bringing is while keeping the core value of non-figurative art of Islamic calligraphy, bringing in flavors of abstract art of the west to make more contemporary art.

My most favorite place is my studio, where I spend most of my evenings for drawing, painting, sculpting and teaching fine art classes. Being an artist and instructor I always believe that there is an artist hidden inside each person--'inspiration' is the only gap between the hidden talent of a person and a creation.


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