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James Alden

Colchester, essex - United Kingdom








James Alden

Colchester, essex - United Kingdom

James Alden - Fine Artist

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About James Alden

I am James Alden,I am self taught and I might add that learning as as you go along and by ones mistakes is not a bad thing,but I am still learning and still making mistakes from time to time though
I have worked in a few things from glazier to gardener but I am retired from all that now and I am free to work with my chosen mediums at will,these are Watercolour and Gouache, Silver and Stone.The stone I cut and polish to any shape depending on what is required at the time,this may be a simple cabochon stone or the inlay for a butterfly wing,I have done these things for a number of years.I have a basic knowledge of Blacksmith and Metalwork,this is invaluable as I often need a special small tool or to make wires of a section that cannot be bought,with this little knowledge I can easily make the tool or draw down the wire.
I am registered in London for hallmarking although I do not submit every item I make for marking.I take digital images of Butterflies and Wildflowers mainly for colour reference so as such it matters little if the insect alights on a Daisy or a Dustbin lid,I may upload some of my nicer images though,we shall see.
My fondness is for Butterflies,Moths,Wildflowers,in fact anything wild,this is reflected in the rings and things that I make also.
In the past I have sold via the odd gallery or two,gift shops private exhibitions and sales.
Well I could go on forever but a biography thats too long gets boring, so I shall leave you to view my work if you wish and thanks for your time.
All copyright is the property of James Alden,Images may not be reproduced by any means without written consent.Fine art America is the sole supplier of prints.

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Excalibur by James Alden


White Campion. by James Alden


Spring 2015 by James Alden


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Stoney Hill Autumn by James Alden


Jenny Wren by James Alden


The Blackthorn Winter by James Alden


The Drifter. by James Alden


Poppies by James Alden


If Only by James Alden


Sweet Violet by James Alden


Rebirth by James Alden


Erosion by James Alden


The Brook by James Alden


Mersea Island Summer by James Alden


Ebb Tide by James Alden


Gold Country by James Alden


Last Refuge by James Alden


Tiger Moths by James Alden


Red Admiral Butterfly by James Alden


Late Summer by James Alden


You lucky lucky bas by James Alden

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