James Neill - Fine Artist

James Neill

Ozark, Missouri - United States








James Neill

Ozark, Missouri - United States

James Neill - Fine Artist

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February 25th, 2011







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About James Neill

I started wood carving when I was 8 years old with my dad, after taking a family vacation to Cape Cod.
The folk art and americana carving I saw there inspired me because they were lively and
expressive and primitive. I carved thru college ending up with a degree in sculpture from Northern Illinois University.
I then pursued a career in advertising for 22 years, but each Christmas I carved a Santa Claus featuring
my kids and our dogs in Santa's toy bag.

Now, in my fifties, I am back at doing what I love, woodcarving. I use traditional woodcarving tools to
create each work. It starts with a block of wood, usually pine, because I love the character the knot
holes give my work. Sometimes, just a knot in the wood can inspire me to do a particular subject.
I love folk art because of its imperfections. It is these imperfections in art, life, or nature that make
life interesting and humorous. I try to express this with my tools, the wood, and my paints to create
bold vibrant colors, vivid texture, and joyful feelings.

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One Tin Soldier by James Neill


Golden Eagle by James Neill

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