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Toma Selli

Tucson, AZ - United States








Toma Selli

Tucson, AZ - United States

Toma Selli - Fine Artist

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About Toma Selli

** I Have made some major changes so if you would like to know more please contact me at my email address. Blessings my friends.

jAmes was born in a Blackout & then some time later, was Brooklyn's Most Charming Child. Years after that, in cowboy boots & a naugahyde vest & not much else, went to Woodstock. His parents and family have been his Greatest Influence, nurturing love and integrity, still to this day!

Growing up around the Coney Island Creek, diving off of burned out barges, fishing, riding dirt bikes and playing the ‘Creek Boy Version’ of what they called – sports. Hospital visits for broken bones, stitches, motorcycle and car accidents, muggings and of course the Gunshot; jAmes has spent many nights in the Coney Island Hospital Emergency Room...& skipped out on a few others... A truly diverse and explorative childhood and life, jAmes has been able to learn and grow, to survive his life set backs and tribulations, to survive change.

Following a few years as On Air Radio Jock and Production Engineer in College, jAmes has made a Prosperous and High Profile career as a Musician, Sound Designer, Recording & Mixing Engineer for Radio & Television commercials, Rock, Jazz , Big Band, Classical & Children’s Albums. From Recording Studios, engineering the music on Sesame Street, ABC Sports, etc.., to Mixing Musicals on Broadway, RENT, Victor/Victoria, State Fair... Touring with Broadway Shows Nationally and Internationally, traveling the states and abroad nearly 20 years.

This is a good way to understand jAmes' self-teachings and influences in his creative life, in his Art. Influenced greatly by his childhood and then the aspect of world travel, by chance being able to experience the Masters and the Outsider Artists, the Craftspeople and the Boatmen, whosoever they were or where, it has enriched his life and etched a notch in his mind...
jAmes also loves shapes and shadows, historic architecture and landscapes. Whether in his back yard or in an Olive Grove in Turkey. In his art and photography, he attempts to capture not only the subject or object, as it is, rather, how he felt when the object first attracted him to it.

jAmes was the first of a large and loving family to have had the blessing of world travel. A certain aspect of his work is to bring his experience of the world they haven't seen, to them. jAmes’ work in this respect has brought him Great Enthusiasm and Fulfillment.

His Work is On Display and He is Currently Represented by SOLAR CULTURE Gallery in Tucson, AZ.

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Oli Up a tree by Toma Selli


View of Glen Brook NY by Toma Selli


Something On My Mind by Toma Selli


PITTSburgh by Toma Selli


Untitled by Toma Selli


My Bruffas by Toma Selli


Hemp Weave Chair Model by Toma Selli


Steel Kirigami Style ROCKER by Toma Selli


Steel Kirigami Style READER by Toma Selli


Steel Kirigami Style POP UP TABLES by Toma Selli


Cruc Affection 1 by Toma Selli


Cruc-Affection.2 by Toma Selli


corner piece weave Detail by Toma Selli


Candelabra by Toma Selli


Candelabra by Toma Selli

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