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Jamie Seul

Rochester, MN - United States








Jamie Seul

Rochester, MN - United States

Jamie Seul - Fine Artist

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About Jamie Seul

I studied photography when I was younger, but after school, when I no longer had a dark room, I picked up a paint brush and went from there. My work was mainly in acrylics for the first 15 years- I even showed in a couple of galleries. However, the past few months I have been focused on Chinese ink and watercolor painting. I am mostly self taught- some books, a couple of community education classes and a few workshops.

I am so thankful for creativity; I would be lost without it! In good times, it allows me to capture my appreciation for all the love and beauty in my life. Then in the harder times, it helps me to release the darkness that can otherwise consume us. Sometimes, I use my art to open up old scars and see them in a new light that then allows me to paint the wound more cleanly shut. Other times, it's just about wanting to examine and communicate the essence of an idea. Sharing my work allows me to connect to others through the exploration of all the dreams and the nightmares, that make up a heart and soul.

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