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Jane Ricker

Naples, FL - United States








Jane Ricker

Naples, FL - United States

Jane Ricker - Fine Artist

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January 16th, 2010







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About Jane Ricker

Jane Ricker is an artist specializing in brilliant colorful paintings, watercolor, oil and acrylic.Jane Ricker developed a passion for painting as a little girl watching the seasonal colors in nature, gently magically unfold every year. No matter which of the four beautiful seasons, spring, summer, fall or winter, each brings to itself a distinctive fingerprint,and hue of its very own, filled with the spirit of natures beauty.

Art stirs feelings in all of us. Art is emotional journey for the creator, with each brush stroke, each painting is brought to life. For the seekers of art, it may bring to mind a memory of a personal comfortable attachment to a person or special place, perhaps even a tranquil adventure of happy memories. The soothing effect of a calm ocean wave, the stillness of a beautiful flower in full bloom, a place and time remembered, or a favorite rainbow of natures colors. All reasons, just like all season have a have a story to tell. As an artist, creatively is captured in the soul and heart. Each painting is filled with the energy, released by the subject, and dictated to the artist, captured forever, somewhere in time.

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Rainbow Rooster by Jane Ricker


Orchids in my Garden by Jane Ricker


Tigers In My Garden by Jane Ricker


Mesmerizing Marilyn by Jane Ricker


Sunset Swim by Jane Ricker


Sunset Sailing by Jane Ricker


Egret On The Beach by Jane Ricker


Mangrove Retreat by Jane Ricker


Oceanside Sea Grapes by Jane Ricker


Miss Lily and the Dragon by Jane Ricker


Branching Off by Jane Ricker


Sunday at Naples Zoo by Jane Ricker


Banyan Walk by Jane Ricker


Afternoon on Naples Pier by Jane Ricker


Coastal Breeze by Jane Ricker


Oceanside Vineyard by Jane Ricker


Bistro Break by Jane Ricker


Holiday Palm by Jane Ricker


Living Banyan Tree by Jane Ricker


Temptation by Jane Ricker


Purple Hibiscus by Jane Ricker


Moon Flowers by Jane Ricker


Red Hybiscus by Jane Ricker


Moonlight Magnolia by Jane Ricker

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   |   Images = 54





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