Janelle Schneider - Fine Artist

Janelle Schneider

Happy Valley, OR - United States








Janelle Schneider

Happy Valley, OR - United States

Janelle Schneider - Fine Artist

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May 31st, 2009







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About Janelle Schneider

From the earliest stories painted on cave walls, and spoken around campfires, stories have enveloped us, informed our perception of reality and our place within it. The telling and sharing of stories has set us apart, distinguished our humanity. The stories we hold as true shape the nature of our actions in the world.

As humans we live in a world increasingly of our own design and fabrication; we have become increasingly disconnected from nature, from an understanding of what truly sustains us. We forget that we are part of the larger organism of a living Earth, and not separate from it. Air, Earth and Water - these are the very elements that enable life to exist. Yet our current story of separateness is leading to the systematic destruction of these fundamental elements of Life.

We humans live by stories, and these stories shape our lives - it is time to change the story. I believe that art has the power to remind us, to reconnect our awareness to our place within the web of life, to help change our story.

My work in acrylics, and mixed media offer seeds and symbols for a new story, reconnecting through art to the nature of what truly sustains us.

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