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Janelle Tweed

Niagara Falls, NY - United States








Janelle Tweed

Niagara Falls, NY - United States

Janelle Tweed - Fine Artist

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About Janelle Tweed

I have always had a great love for all things creative, including photography, but my passion for being behind the lens didn't really begin until I started college. My dream careers always involved music and singing, or creative writing, but along the way you unexpectedly fall into other dreams you never knew you had. When I picked up a camera and began shooting for my first photography class in college, I discovered a new creative passion. One of many great things I took from my photography classes, and still apply whenever I shoot today, is that any simple, everyday object has the potential to be beautiful. If you open your eyes to it, you will see that beauty and art is everywhere. It's because of this that I don't like to classify myself as one specific type of photographer. I see everything in pictures, from the pop of color on an old rusty car, to the reflection in a rain puddle, or to the joy of a child chasing a flock of birds.

I'm constantly learning with photography, especially from other photographers and artists. They inspire me to be better, and push me to work harder.

I absolutely love bright, bold color. I never shy away from it, so you might notice that a lot of my work tends to be on the more colorful side. A little splash of color can change your life. Honestly!

I hope you enjoy your visit! Thank you very much for stopping by!

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Summer Petals by Janelle Tweed


Purple Ferris Wheel by Janelle Tweed


New York Grand Island Bridge by Janelle Tweed


Beautiful Day by Janelle Tweed


Angel by Janelle Tweed


The Lake by Janelle Tweed


Those Summer Nights by Janelle Tweed


The Future Belongs To by Janelle Tweed


October Dawn by Janelle Tweed


Golden Autumn by Janelle Tweed


Daydreamer's Path by Janelle Tweed


Spring Sunset by Janelle Tweed


Reflection by Janelle Tweed


Clock Tower by Janelle Tweed


Forest at Dusk by Janelle Tweed


Carnival nights by Janelle Tweed


Autumn Goodbye by Janelle Tweed


Ferris Wheel Retro by Janelle Tweed


Never Give Up by Janelle Tweed


Antique White Rose by Janelle Tweed


A New Spring by Janelle Tweed


Abstract Color by Janelle Tweed


Just Like a Dream by Janelle Tweed


The Amish Watching A Waterfall by Janelle Tweed

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   |   Images = 26





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