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J J Everson

Colchester, Essex - United Kingdom








J J Everson

Colchester, Essex - United Kingdom

J J Everson - Fine Artist

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About J J Everson

Thanks for checking out some of my photos and art. Hope it pleases the eye and lifts the heart and the spirit. I started to mess around with art when I were just a bairn …. I think the first ‘real’ attempt at anything with shape and form was a caricature of Margret Thatcher (why?!), which I did at the tender age of around seven. From what I recall, it wasn’t particularly good. Art became one of my favourite subjects throughout school and my passion continued for it long after I left. I even sold a few works around Essex for a bit of extra pocket money. Oddly enough,or maybe not, I was refused entry into Colchester Institute on the grounds that my attempts at art were too ‘poppy’ … well, there you go. I stuck my fingers up to the pompous art establishment of then and followed my other childhood passion – archaeology. I then worked as an archaeologist and ended up studying it at Reading University, in the UK, and subsequently worked in the UK, Germany, Spain and Russia. Art always remained a passion, and I became involved in several archaeological illustration projects, which enabled me to keep a hand in. The illustration was more technical and less expressive, but I enjoyed it a lot. Photography has kind of grown on me, and more so recently, though as kid I used to go nuts with my cheap Boots instant camera. It was rubbish really, and pretty much most of the pics I took with it were too … but I enjoyed it for what it was. Anyway, I hope you find some of my photos and simple paintings resonate with you. If you choose to purchase any as prints or cards I would be most grateful. Otherwise, please just enjoy the gallery. You can join me on Facebook – I know the site is not to everyone’s taste, but I have a page on there for art and photography which is secure and mostly for friends and family – so please feel free to join me if you’re there. J

Which camera do you use?
Canon EOS 350D and Canon Powershot SX40 HS

Which lenses do you use?
Canon 18-55mm, 50-250mm, fisheye, telephoto adaptor

Which photo editing software do you use?
Photoshop CS5, Picasa, Gimp

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Pals - Street Dogs Of Didim Turkey by J J Everson


Hyde Park Ride by J J Everson


Gentle On My Mind by J J Everson


Classic Japanese Parasol Shot by J J Everson


Winter Blossom by J J Everson


Exploring Venice by J J Everson


Moving On by J J Everson


Still In Motion by J J Everson


Venice By Night by J J Everson


The Shortest Day - Winter Solstice by J J Everson


A Hint Of Summer - Bluebell by J J Everson


Not So Bad - Japanese Ratsnake by J J Everson


Making Marks by J J Everson


Hole In The Wall by J J Everson


The Mind Reader by J J Everson


A Moment In The Life Of A Ceiling - Abstract by J J Everson


Spirits Rising - Abstract - Impressionist by J J Everson


Free Fallin' - Tom Petty by J J Everson


October Revolution Avenue by J J Everson


September Moon by J J Everson


Slowly Goes It by J J Everson


There's Magic Afoot by J J Everson


Escape by J J Everson


Winter Warmer by J J Everson

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