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Jason Politte

Conway, AR - United States








Jason Politte

Conway, AR - United States

Jason Politte - Fine Artist

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About Jason Politte

Welcome to my online gallery where you can view my photography and buy prints. Please feel free to browse through my images. If you find something you're interested in purchasing, there are several different finishes to choose from along with a wide variety of mats and frames.

Thanks for visiting, and I sincerely hope you enjoy my work. Follow me on Twitter @JasonPolitte or at facebook.com/JasonPolittePhoto to see more of my work and receive special offers.


A liitle bit about me:

As a boy, I remember always loving to play around with cameras. Today, I still love playing with cameras, although I do believe my skills have improved since then. 

I didn't truly take photography seriously until 1999 when I began chasing storms and tornadoes across Arkansas and the Great Plains. I chased until 2008, and during that time, I was priveledged to witness and capture on both video and film some astounding sights. 

With the rising costs of gas and lodging, storm chasing just got too expensive, and that also led to me shelving my camera for a couple of years. After the purchase of a DSLR in 2010 though, my interest was rekindled, and today, my camera goes just about everywhere with me. I love the creativity of photography - the capturing of a moment in time as seen through the viewfinder and how the entire mood of a photo can change with simple composition change or a slight exposure adjustment.

I currently reside in Conway, Arkansas with my wife Karen and our dog Kaylee. My work has been published in Popular Photography and other magazines, textbooks, travel guides, novels, and calendars such as Weather Guide. I've also exhibited by invitation at the Department of Human Services complex in Little Rock.

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Jason Politte - RSS Discovery

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Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Cozumel Escort Boat

Cozumel Escort Boat

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Docking at Progreso

Docking at Progreso

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - The Whale Tail

The Whale Tail

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - The Patriot

The Patriot

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Golden Sky at Sea

Golden Sky at Sea

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Sunrise at Sea

Sunrise at Sea

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Leaving New Orleans

Leaving New Orleans

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Cozumel Catamaran

Cozumel Catamaran

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Lido Deck at Night

Lido Deck at Night

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Paddling Downriver

Paddling Downriver

Jason Politte

Jason Politte - Sunken Dreams

Sunken Dreams

Jason Politte